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Oh Boy! Shaidle Shower!

How are we seriously already at 31.7 weeks in this pregnancy????????????


Will someone please explain that to me? Because I am starting to freak out.

This pregnancy has whizzed by faster than the speed of light. I guess that is a good thing considering how smooth it has gone. …So far. I feel super lucky, but definitely don’t want to jinx myself with these last few weeks as I’ve started to find myself more and more uncomfortable. I cannot believe we are only two months out from meeting this little babycakes! And no, we have not yet revealed his name! ;)) Although I think we do have it pretty finalized!

Sadly, I haven’t done such a stellar job documenting the pregnancy thus far, so I would kick myself in the butt if I didn’t, at the very least, post a few favorite photos from the AMAZING baby shower my sisters and mom hosted for me this past weekend. And a few snaps of my belly before it gets totally out of control.

The shower was absolutely perfect. Period.

I can’t thank my sisters and mom enough (and my bro-in-law too!) for all their hard work! Jereme and I are so blessed to have such wonderful, supportive friends and family who showered this baby with tons of love and all the necessary gear he’s going to need in the very near future. From strollers and car seats, to swings, cribs, diapers, blankets, bottles, you name it. I think we are just about ready around here!

Side note, Oliver has already decided that our current work-in-progress nursery is his new personal poodle pad. Baby? What baby? ;)) He may or may not have adopted the baby’s boppy lounger as his new dog bed in that room, and tried to help himself to a few new stuffed animals. Gotta love it!

Baby Shower 1 1-copy e5K6A9857-copy 4 Baby Shower 2 e5K6A9853-copy e5K6A9854-copy e5K6A9994-copy Baby Shower 3 eIMG_1474-copy eIMG_1476-copy eIMG_1507-copy


AlyseFebruary 11, 2016 - 3:25 pm

So, I’m basically a total stranger, but I’ve been following your blog since a little after you guys started sailing, and it really solidified mine and my husbands dream to start sailing and get our own boat. You two inspired us so much, so first, thank you!
Second… WOW!!! You look amazing! You’re going to be such fantastic parents, and Oliver is going to make an amazing big brother. 😉
Super congratulations! That term mamma’s boy has held true over here, I still can’t get enough of my little guy. You’re going to love it.
I wish you the very best of luck.

Kelley - Sailing ChanceFebruary 13, 2016 - 3:33 pm

Such a pinterest perfect shower! Absolutely adorable. Where is that “Never Stop Exploring” image from? LOVE that!!

Our Wedding!

Life has been a bit of a blur lately. House renos, jobs, weddings, babies, you name it. But one day definitely stands out from the rest.

On December 19th, Jer and I tied the knot in the most amazingly perfect, beautiful,  simple ceremony on Barefoot Beach surrounded by 65 of our closest friends and family.


We truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. And as we get closer and closer to expecting our first baby (due April 9th!!! we are SO excited!), I’d be a total idiot not to take the time to post a few of our favorite photos from our wedding day! I’m pretty sure life is not going to slow down from here.

And by a “few,” I mean it took everything in me to narrow down 700+ photos to the 100-ish below. Typical. ;)) Here is my “little” photo dump of personal favs… xoxo

KJWed021 KJWed033 KJWed039 KJWed057 KJWed068 KJWed083 KJWed100 KJWed106.1 KJWed108 KJWed131 KJWed154 KJWed155 1 KJWed157 KJWed161 KJWed171 KJWed177 KJWed182 KJWed191 3 5 KJWed194 KJWed208 4 KJWed215 KJWed219.1 KJWed241 KJWed249 KJWed253 KJWed256 KJWed267 KJWed282 KJWed283 KJWed288 KJWed290 KJWed299 KJWed300 KJWed304 KJWed307 KJWed310 KJWed312.1 KJWed313 KJWed315 6 KJWed322 KJWed329 KJWed334 KJWed335 KJWed336 KJWed339 7 KJWed349 KJWed352 KJWed353 8 9 KJWed356 KJWed360 KJWed362 10 KJWed363 KJWed365 KJWed374
KJWed390 KJWed393 KJWed396 KJWed431 KJWed485.1 KJWed489 KJWed504 KJWed524 KJWed531 KJWed532 KJWed534 KJWed538 KJWed539 KJWed541 KJWed546 KJWed548 KJWed551 KJWed553
KJWed570 11 KJWed574 KJWed579 KJWed589 KJWed591 KJWed595 KJWed596 KJWed601 KJWed602 KJWed604 KJWed609.1
KJWed611 KJWed612 KJWed615 KJWed616 KJWed618.1 KJWed622

A huge thank you to our amazing photographers, Concept Photography, for capturing this special moment in our lives. And the rest of our fabulous vendor team…

Ceremony/Reception – The Club at Barefoot Beach
Music – Brandon Shane Reeves
Flowers – Fresh Naples
Hair – Andrea Alikaj
Makeup – Duality Artistry
Officiant – Russ Winn
Cake – Publix

Lara SpragueJanuary 25, 2016 - 12:53 am

Absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations for this last year, and the year to come!😊⛵️🏝🏡🛠💍🎉👶🏻

Life Update.

Well, well, well. It’s been, what, only about four months since I updated this little ‘ol blog???


Time flies, I guess, when you’re having fun!

Or maybe it flies faster than the speed of freaking light when you are up to your eyeballs in wedding planning (Jer and I are tying the knot this December!), renovating our house (total gut job of the floors throughout, the entire kitchen, a full bath, new paint throughout, etc. etc.), living at my future in-laws in the interim (a huge thank you to them or we’d be homeless!), packing up all our crap and moving back to our house (hopefully soon!), crazy busy season for the photography business (yay!), and going back to a full time career (we knew that was bound to happen sooner or later).

Yup, that must be it. ;))

We’ve been a teensy bit busy to say the least. But with all good, exciting, fun things! And since I keep telling myself that I don’t want to miss out on documenting some of these amazing times in our life, I had to pause for two seconds today and upload a few of my favorite photos from our recent engagement session with the fabulous Concept Photography!

As I’m sure you can imagine, photos are at the tippy top of my wedding priority list. Other than marrying the man of my dreams, that is. ;))

Needless to say, securing a location and date that matched up with my favorite wedding photographers’ schedule was a must-have, and we found the perfect match in mid-December. And the cherry on top of securing my favorite photogs for the wedding, was that Sara and Jason, the married duo behind Concept Photography, actually drove down to Naples in early October to shoot our engagement photos too!

We had a great time exploring downtown Naples by the beach and I am absolutely head over heels in love with the photos! I really cannot say enough good things about those two. They are truly awesome and uber talented in so many ways. I would recommend them in a heartbeat, but I’ll let a few of my favorite photos from the shoot speak for themselves…

bKJEng001.2 bKJEng004.1 bKJEng004.2 bKJEng018 bKJEng021 bKJEng029 bKJEng058 bKJEng063 bKJEng065 bKJEng071.2 bKJEng071 bKJEng072 bKJEng075 bKJEng077 bKJEng082 bKJEng114 bKJEng122 bKJEng123 bKJEng141 bKJEng147 bKJEng151 bKJEng154 bKJEng155 bKJEng157

^^All photos from the fabulous Concept Photography.^^

Other than that, I am frantically trying to wrap up all of our remaining wedding details (although, let’s not lie, I still have an enormous wedding to-do list), and we are anxiously awaiting a move back into our home…sans much furniture (or any worldly possessions really), but hey, at least we will be home. It’s about freaking time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we are in our old house by the end of the month!

Adios for now.

Sandy McCoyNovember 15, 2015 - 8:50 pm

Hi, I followed your blog when you were sailing ( we are in VI) and am glad to get an update. Beautiful engagement pics – my favorite is the one with reflection in the water. I hope ou do before and after of your house! Have a wonderful wedding.

Nate McGowanNovember 16, 2015 - 5:04 pm

Hey guys,

Just stumbled across your blog today. Glad you had so much fun in the Caribbean, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Here’s wishing you all the best, and please do look me up if you’re ever in St. Thomas!

Captain Nate

caroline van ewijkFebruary 8, 2016 - 1:43 am

Absolutely georgeous. ♥ Happiness and love to both of you

One last LAHO Video!

You guys!!!

I am so stinking excited (and a little emotional). Wanna know why??? Welllllllllll, I finally pieced together all that random video footage that’s been seriously burning a hole on my hard drive since we got home. You know, one last video of our LAHO sailing adventures!

It’s a good mix of special moments, awesome adventures, and everything in between while Jereme and I lived aboard and sailed the Bahamas and Caribbean.

And honestly, although it’s a little bittersweet that it’s our last video of our sailing adventure, it might be my favorite one to date. I know, I say that every time. I really do love reliving some of our favorite experiences and am so glad we not only documented our life afloat in photographs, but also with tons of video too!

If you want to check out any of our other videos… (Pig Beach in the Exumas + Swimming with Sea Turtles + of course, Oliver’s video I Luh Ya Puppy! are my close runners-up) …you can find them over here.

Enjoy! xoxo.

Scott and SheriJuly 31, 2015 - 4:42 pm

Great video! Makes me want to go!

Kelley - Sailing ChanceAugust 1, 2015 - 8:34 pm

AMAZING video! Such a great roundup of your trip. Loved the footage of Oliver :) If you guys ever get an craving to be out again, all three of you are welcome aboard Chancelot!

Lara SpragueAugust 3, 2015 - 4:00 am

Two thumbs up!

Sandy McCoyAugust 10, 2015 - 5:31 pm

Great video – hope you will keep up your blog even though you are not sailing right now – I love your photography (and Oliver!).

JessicaOctober 16, 2015 - 2:53 am

I looooove your videos, I miss them so much. But then they also make me miss you. And cruising. Long story short? We need to hang out again. Preferably near water.

LauraNovember 16, 2015 - 6:56 pm

My husband has been trying to talk me into sailing but I am so afraid of the water. I have been working on it though we have gone out on different boats and even started sailing lessons. More for him with me along for the ride lol. But yesterday we put a offer on a sailboat he has had his eye on for a couple months now. It will need some work but we have a 2 and 5 year plan. Watching your video, seeing all these wonderful spots, once in a lifetime places and things to see…well it made me want to go sailing lol. Thank you!


Today was the second best day in a boat owner’s life.

That’s right…today we sold our lovely LAHO. Sniff sniff. :((( It’s a bittersweet day to say the least.


^^Just a few hours ago as we cleared out the last of our belongings. Our last day as official owners of LAHO.^^

It has literally only been 20 days since we sailed back into our home port…almost two years to the day that we sailed the boat from St. Pete to Naples…and LAHO is sold! To some really great blog followers no less! I still can’t really believe it.

The past (almost) three weeks have been spent cleaning the boat from top to bottom, moving all our crap off the boat and temporarily back to Jereme’s folks’ house (while we wait to move back into our own home), doing walk-thrus and a boat survey, and more! Basically, just the reverse of what we did two years ago!

Holy moly, have we grown, learned, changed, seen, experienced, etcetera etcetera so so so much in these past two years! And hopefully LAHO’s new owners will get to enjoy some of those same awesome experiences!

I know, I know…you must be thinking a.) you didn’t even know our boat was for sale or b.) how could we possibly sell our beloved boat? Or maybe even c.) what idiots we are. Hah! ;)) But the answer here is easy, for us at least.

#1 we luckily didn’t even need to list or promote the possible sale of our boat since we had a few interested blog followers who wanted a cruise-ready bluewater boat and expressed that interest early on. And #2, this definitely won’t be the last boat we ever own, but since we are re-entering the “real” world so to speak, we decided to forgo the extra carrying costs of keeping a boat at a dock (during hurricane season no less)…one that we wouldn’t be able to use all the time, and hence, the sale.

So there you have it. LAHO is sold. Can you freaking believe it?

Time to move onto new and exciting chapters in our lives…

Jeremiah and BrittanyMay 15, 2015 - 2:11 am

Boo! We don’t like this post at all!!! Lol…Congrats guys. What will you blog about now???

Daniel NeilanMay 15, 2015 - 4:20 pm

Are those Medalla Lights in that cart? I’m surprised 3 survived the trip back!

Mark and Cindy - s/v Cream PuffMay 15, 2015 - 10:03 pm

So sad to see Laho go. But happy for you that you did not have to endure the pain most boat sellers go through.

We are sailing up the east coast for the summer and will head south to the islands in the fall. Thanks for paving the way.

Best wishes,

Mark and Cindy
s/v Cream Puff

LAHOWINDMay 16, 2015 - 2:11 am

Lol Dan! I am so glad someone noticed those leftover Medallas! We had a few remaining stragglers and couldn’t just give those away to the new owner. 😉 -Kim

Carly and Carl ZaniboniMay 16, 2015 - 1:34 pm

Congrats on the sale! Bummer we won’t be seeing you guys around anytime soon, but maybe in the Pacific once you decided that you miss the sailing life in a few days. But maybe you have bigger plans ahead wink, wink.
All the best

BillMay 18, 2015 - 11:19 am

Congrats on the fast sale! We are in a similar situation now that we’ve moved off the boat, don’t want to pay for slip fees for a cruising boat and will be up for sale soon (unfortunately). Like you we’ll be out there cruising again, can’t wait for the next go around! Look forward to following along on where life takes you.

Scott and SheriMay 18, 2015 - 4:43 pm

Yay! It was a riot following your adventures. It was a great adventure to be sure. Congratulations you guys.
Now, like, one of my professors used to say “On to the next!”
I can only hope that writing a book is on one of your bucket lists someday as well :)

GeoffMay 20, 2015 - 5:10 pm

She was a beauty. Actually got a chance to see her first hand during the Canoe races a few weeks ago. Good luck in your next adventure and I will keep checking the blog to see what develops.

KatieJune 5, 2015 - 11:58 pm

My husband and I are just starting to think about getting into sailing. He told me I should check out your blog, because this is his dream. And here I am, only to discover you sold your boat. Can’t wait to look back and see the last two years of adventure for you guys!

BuggieJune 22, 2015 - 7:03 pm

cannot believe you sold your boat – came as a surprise to me. Loved following your story and seeing your amazing photos (favorite shells). Good Luck on your new adventure.

Alive + Well. | LAHOWINDJuly 20, 2015 - 6:32 pm

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