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Holy moly, we’re finally boat shopping. In person.

Must be the luck of the Irish or something? Two years later and we’re finally shopping. In person. {insert happy dance here.}

You know, the kind of real life shopping where you go and see things you want to buy?  I wasn’t sure if we’d ever venture out of the online “browsing” status to actual in-person shopping. But WE DID! Yay us! And on St. Patty’s Day no less. Imagine that!

So, it only took two years of searching, learning the market, talking about buying a boat, calculating what it would cost, searching a ton more, talking about it lots more, and then FINALLY we bit the bullet and called a yacht broker for one great-looking, fits-our-budget, lines-up-with-our-priority-list kind of boat we came across on Yachtworld.

*Al Pollak with Massey Yacht Sales in St. Petersburg, Florida was amazing to work with! I would highly recommend his expertise to any serious sailboat or yacht shoppers out there.

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