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Sailboat Jumps!

What do you do when the sails are up, but the wind is non-existent?

…Sailboat jumps of course!

We may or may not have had a little too much fun taking turns jumping off the bow this weekend. Jer and I were joined by our good friends Chris+Heather for a Saturday sail off the coast of Naples.

A group of dolphin joined us as we headed out of Gordons Pass. I only (kinda, sorta) captured one dolphin on video (go figure), but a few of them were riding right with us just as we exited the Pass. Dolphin sightings never get old in my book.

Once out of the pass, we put up the main and jib, but the wind was not on our side that day. Instead, we entertained ourselves by jumping off the bow. Our friend Chris definitely wins “best jump!”  Jereme’s cannonball was a close second.

Here’s our first EVER iMovie video!!!  :))))

I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely a super beginner production, but holy moly I’m clearly already obsessed with iMovie! I cannot wait to make our next video. Oh, and please excuse the cruddy iphone and instagram videos. I will be exclusively using the GoPro or my Canon 7D for video coverage here on out.

PS – Warning! A certain someone in this video is extremely pale. Note to self, get tan. 😉

LahoWind Sailboat Jumps! 06.22.2013 from Laho Wind on Vimeo.

Happy Sailing!