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The “never-ending” boat project list.

We all have one of these. You know, those fun little “never-ending” lists of boat projects?!

If you’re a sailboat owner, or any boat owner for that matter, I’m pretty sure you have some sort of project list that you would really really really love to complete. And we’re no different, of course.  As suspected, our marine survey (during the boat buying process) produced a pretty hefty list of projects that we would need to tackle — some sooner than later — and some definitely way more important than others. None were big enough to be deal-breakers on the actual boat purchase, but let’s not lie, some will definitely be pretty big undertakings and very time consuming for us newbie sailors.

We started with a  solid list of 40 projects, ranging in complexity, skill level, price tag, etc. Somehow, it feels like as soon as we cross one off the list, another one seems to pop up.

Jereme deserves a pretty big shout-out for already having tackled a handful of these. Thankfully, he LOVES projects! And DIY.

Yup, that’s a typical engineer for ya. Lucky me!

So here’s the list as of today:

  1. Flares & flare gun
  2. Check fire extinguisher expiration date
  3. Shower curtain
  4. Float switch bilge pump
  5. Extra bilge pump under quarter-berth
  6.  Wine bottle holder affix
  7. Change boat name
  8. Registration sticker – dinghy
  9. Maroon paint for boat stripe
  10. Light bulbs
  11. Fix shelf/cabinet in head
  12. Wing nut drawer guides quarter-berth
  13. Sized rope with clasp for ladder
  14. Stereo speakers
  15. New fenders
  16. Charts — Florida/Bahamas
  17. Chafe protection for anchor lines
  18. Fix hatch latch on anchor locker
  19. Propane tanks and locker clasp
  20. Clean raw water strainer
  21. Change oil; oil filters
  22. Fiberglass 4th side of engine oil catch tank
  23. Jib sail needs restitching
  24. Genoa furling drum serviced
  25. Crack in bobstay
  26. Bow port window leak
  27. Quarter-berth port light
  28. Overhead hatch leaking
  29. Autopilot needs to be fixed
  30. Fix/replace water tank
  31. Service seacocks
  32. Spreader lights
  33. Soft spot on anchor locker
  34. Cockpit LED lights
  35. Toilet/vent for waste
  36. Fix wind instrument/tridata
  37. Enhance anchor/chain; check what exists
  38. Wax boat
  39. Oil leaks from timing gear
  40. Install solar panels, charge controller, and inverter
  41. Replace plumbing to head
  42. Fix shower sump pump
  43. Waterproof canvas top

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