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Happy 4th of July!

Jereme and I spent Independence Day with my sister (Susan) and brother-in-law (Eric) who were in town for a few fun-filled, kid-free days! We knew we had to get them out sailing while they were here, but we really only had one day to make that happen…July 4th.

Although the forecast wasn’t looking all that amazing, we (Jereme, me, Susan, Eric, Oliver the poodle, and Toby the poodle) ventured out in the morning hoping for the best. We headed out of Gordon’s Pass in Naples and sailed along the coast of Naples. As luck would have it, a nasty squall popped up in what felt like 1.2 seconds and all hell proceeded to break loose.

It was a free-for-all, “grab the animals” kind of party. I literally passed out life jackets (wish I was joking). After about 10 minutes of crazy wind, torrential dowpours, everyone on board completey drenced, and two seriously pissed poodles, we headed back in knowing that the rest of the day would probably bring us more of the same.:(

We still managed to snap a few cute photos before and after, although no one managed to document the “squall” aftermath, and I kinda wish we had. It was pretty hilarious. All I can say is, we tried. Happy 4th of July ya’ll!