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Count em! 18 New LED Cabin Lights

This project was relatively cheap and easy.  Yay and yay!

We have 16 cabin lights on the boat.  Each light has 2 small 12-watt bulbs. Instead of replacing 16 fixtures with LED fixtures which probably would have cost over $600, Jereme had one hell of a lightbulb moment (man, I’m just full of awesome puns lately!) and simply swapped out all of the BULBS with LED bulbs at a much lower price of $140!   This includes 2 sets of backup bulbs.

The power draw on these new bulbs is 1-point-something-watts, basically about 90% LESS power draw.

We can run all 16 lights on our boat for the same electricity or power as it would have taken to run 2 of the original lights.  The new LED light is a bit whiter in color than our old soft yellowy-white lights, but I’m sure we will get used to it.

Oh, and the new lights also last for 60,000 hours! SIXTY THOUSAND! That’s roughly 59,900 MORE hours than the old light bulbs!  No big deal. 😉

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JorgeNovember 8, 2014 - 12:03 am

I am impressed with this easy project. Would you mind sending me brand and model of bulbs.
My boats name is Watermusic Endeavour 37 B 1977