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We made a Video!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the GoPro Hero 3 Jer bought me for my birthday!  It’s so easy to use and so is iMovie (where I edit and produce the final product from a day’s worth of raw video footage). We haven’t really had a good opportunity to use it until this past weekend when we brought Jereme’s parents out on the boat for a day sail off the coast of Naples.

The weather started off a little funky leaving the dock, but it ended up being a fabulous day! Great sailing, a few sailboat jumps, and a pack of dolphin that swam next to us for a good 20 minutes! What more could you ask for? LA-HO!

From Laho Wind on Vimeo.

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Chris JamesAugust 20, 2013 - 3:27 am

My favorite things about this video
1) Jereme shirtless
2) music choice
3) dolphins

JeremeAugust 20, 2013 - 11:47 am

Chris. Those are my favorite things as well and in that same order.