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A different kind of sailing.

Life just seems to be whizzing by a mile a minute. Kinda scary.

Back in October, Jereme and I rented out our house (super fast I might add) and had a measly 10 days to pack up an entire 3 bedroom house and move the hell out.

Sounds like plenty of time, right?  WRONG!!!

With two full-time jobs, plus busy season for my photography biz, plus the fact that we had to consolidate a house worth of crap into one small walk-in closet for storage, plus figure out what we needed to keep separate for the boat/cruising = not as easy as one might imagine.

Let’s just say, Jereme and I needed to sell a TON of stuff in a very small amount of time.  Three beds, a couch/loveseat, console/coffee tables, dressers, patio furniture, our (Boston Whaler) boat, a few tv’s/electronics, barstools, and lots and lots of household items (think every item in your kitchen), all of our decor/accessories, etc. etc. etc. Oh, plus a garage full of crap too!

One. Massive. Undertaking.

So, we held a huge blowout garage sale the very last weekend in October…hence the “different” kind of sailing, or should I say “sale”ing. 😉 Thank god we live in a neighborhood that quite possibly could qualify as the garage sale capital of the world. It makes the advertising/ generating traffic part of the sale rather easy.  And after a full day of “sailing,” we had sold 75% of our stuff. Yay!

I couldn’t resist posting a few snaps from our big sale back in October…

^^I want to remember this time in our lives always. Our little family of 3 in front of our home. Thanks Heather for snapping this cute photo!^^

I will say, for the most part, getting rid of the insane amount of crap we’ve managed to compile over the past several years was easier than I anticipated.  It’s actually really nice to simplify.  Our mantra throughout the whole process has been… “if we can’t ever replace it, then keep it.” In other words, we mostly kept the one-of-a-kind, sentimental stuff.  Plus, I was thrilled to finally get rid of a few of my not-so-favorite furniture pieces (i.e. some of the ones Jereme picked out). 😉

After the big g-sale and some craigslist sales, we were left hauling four “keepers” of my grandma’s and great aunt’s china, one “keeper” a piece of childhood stuff for Jer and I (think yearbooks, old photos, etc.), a “keeper” of antiques and favorite house decor, our favorite piece of furniture from the house — our unique indonesian wood TV stand, some of my photo biz gear/props that I am still using for sessions, some tools that Jereme can stash in his dad’s garage, a few electronics (only bc we wouldn’t be able to sell them),  a ton of clothes (since we’re still working and not yet living on the boat), and all the miscellaneous items we’ll need/use on the sailboat — think towel sets, a few kitchen items, coolers, sheet sets, etc.

I am happy to report that there has only been one minor freakout during this whole process (so far), and it involved yours truly.  I may or may not have had a major meltdown over the fact that we sold our pizza cutter.  Yes, I said pizza cutter. I literally broke down into tears over accidentally selling it at the garage sale (or throwing it away, who knows).  My meltdown was not pretty.   Clearly, the pizza cutter was just representative of my emotions and stress in having to part with all of our stuff (in a very short amount of time), but after Jereme talked me through it, I was at peace with losing said cutter.  …And I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to buy another one without a problem. Lol! 😉

We are now settled in at Jereme’s parents’ house (three blocks over from our old house) for the time being, until we set sail in January (hopefully).  We are very fortunate that they are willing to let us use their second home in Naples while they are still living in Ohio.  Not to mention, it made for a super convenient move, being only three streets over from our old house (although I swear to god we probably made 25 trips between the two houses just trying to move everything).

^^Our good friends Heather+Chris helped us a ton with the whole process! Thank you both!!!^^

^^Chris was clearly tasked with a *very* important job up there — beer in hand and all!^^

^^working hard or hardly working? you be the judge.^^

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Kelley - Sailing ChanceDecember 15, 2013 - 8:31 pm

I had a meltdown too. Mine came while going through all my shoes. It was heart breaking and really not pretty to witness. Jason found me lying on a pile of my “get rid” of clothes and shoes all over the room. Not my best moment. Looking back a year later, I haven’t thought about those shoes once. I kept more than I should of but don’t tell Jason 😉

LahoWindDecember 16, 2013 - 4:38 am

Good to hear I’m not alone in the meltdown department! 😉 I also might have accidentally kept a few more items than “agreed upon.” -Kim

[…] + resort)! …He bought me a pizza cutter! Hah! For those of you who might recall my little >>meltdown<< over accidentally selling ours way back in October at our big garage sale, you know how awesome […]

MarlenaJune 5, 2014 - 2:03 pm

Meltdown? What meltdown? 😉 It’s not completely normal and acceptable to fully lose it over an inanimate object? This has been me every time I’ve moved. Selling gigantic luggage because seriously I’d never use it (but it was a HS graduation gift!). Unpacking and finding a Crate and Barrel platter cracked (waaaaaaaaaaaaaa). And the clothes, the clothes! Don’t get me started. But each and every time no one was hurt and I was going to be okay. Wishing you all the best, K & J. It helps to purge, relieve yourself of additional weight (physical and emotional) and make room for new items and new memories along the way. Love it!