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Project Life 2014 | Week 3

Hello Week 3!  I’m really rockin’ and rollin’ with this newfound project life energy in 2014. 😉  Let’s hope I can sustain it for 49 more weeks.

Week 3 was a memorable one! We drove up to Hernando/Crystal River, Florida to celebrate my gram’s 90th birthday! (She turned the big 9-0 back in December, but we waited until after the holidays to throw her a big bash).  It was so great seeing my immediate family, plus all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. There were so many cute photos from this weekend at my parents, that I wanted to make sure I somehow squeezed them into this week’s spread.  Hence, the small collage  on the right-hand side.

I’m not going to lie, it was a little sad (okay fine, super sad) saying goodbye to everyone while knowing that we are setting sail (hopefully) very soon and we may not see them in person for quite awhile. At least there’s facetime and skype so we can still see their beautiful faces. And hopefully some of them will come visit us in the islands.

The rest of our week was pretty typical — Jereme tending to tedious boat projects, me working my multiple jobs. Oh, and poor Oliver making another trip to the vet!:(  This time, he had a series of hot spots on the back of his neck. We have no clue what’s causing them (I think he may have gotten stung or bitten by something ??? we’re not sure), but they really do a number on him.  He’s been down in the dumps for the past few days, and is still acting pretty pathetic and uncomfortable — i.e. hides under the bed (which is SO not like him) so I can’t put medicine on him. But I’m sure after a few more days of antibiotics, he’ll be good as new!


^^not sure why the “home sweet home” brush looks so pixelated. it doesn’t in person.^^



*products used: lots of ali edwards brushes (always); pictures+words No. 5 photo templates from Paislee Press; and a few things from the Jade digital PL kit. (I get zero kickbacks from any of these links, just fyi.)

*project life is a memory-keeping system + lifestyle. In 2014, i’m creating a digital spread for every week of the year. You can view all of my project life posts here.

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CadyJanuary 30, 2014 - 6:41 pm


Love your pages. Wanted to know where you got the date and week digital files? Love them.

Thank you,


LAHOWINDJanuary 30, 2014 - 11:05 pm

Thanks Cady! The dates are actually just text in Photoshop — Myriad Pro and Courier New fonts. :) -Kim