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What Will We Miss The Most?

Hmmm…good question!  And we’ve been getting asked this more and more frequently.

In an effort to mentally prepare for life aboard, I’ve been pondering all the lovely landlubber conveniences we will miss the most once we set sail. Yeah yeah, I know we won’t really know until we’re gone, but in the meantime, I am trying my darndest to convince myself that I’ll be totally ready to handle anything once we leave. Wishful thinking? Perhaps!

Let’s face it, living on a sailboat isn’t all perfect white sand beaches and sipping coconut drinks.  I wish!

^^another fav from back in October when my girl Aubri at Pink Sky Photography came to visit.^^

Although there are LOTS of super great things about sailing off into the sunset, there are also plenty of things I’m 100% certain I will miss quite dearly.

So, here’s my running list at the moment…

  1. An obvious one. Friends + family. Ugh I hate this one. Total debby downer. But thank god for Skype! And quick airplane flights (if needed).
  2. Goodbye convenient washer + dryer. Hello hand washing out of a bucket (unless we’re at a marina or close to a laundromat)! Luckily, we will mostly be washing swimsuits and dry fit clothing, so let’s hope it’s not that bad.
  3. Access to unlimited hot water and long showers. This might take a little getting used to. 😉  I’ve never had to lug water in jerry cans. Should be interesting.
  4. Fast, reliable Wifi. I’ll miss this for sure, but it’ll probably be good for me/us to not feel the need to be so “connected” all the time.
  5. Publix. There is no grocery store in the world that even compares. Period. Dear Publix, you will be missed more than you know.
  6. On that note, easy access to restocking my Diet Coke supply. I see an unfortunate withdrawal/detox situation in my future.
  7. Easy access to grass (for Oliver). I actually think he’ll adapt quite well and won’t mind “going” on astroturf while on the boat, but I’ll probably still feel a little sad for him if we’re not able to regularly get him to land.
  8. Pumpkin season. Okay, I’ll admit I have a minor obsession with pumpkin-flavored-scented-whatever. Where will I find the nearest Starbucks in the Caribbean for my favorite pumpkin spice latte in the Fall? Do any islands get pumpkin beer, pumpkin bread, etc? Total #firstworldproblems, I know. I suppose I can make my own pumpkin goodies, right?
  9. Freshly painted nails. More #firstworldproblems. I actually hate the chore of going to get my nails done, but I love the result. Guess this is something else I can do myself if I really want to.
  10. And sending and receiving snail mail. Especially holiday cards!!!

I just asked Jereme the same question, and here was his stellar response…

  1. Utilities.

I guess that’s one way of putting it. 😉 Only Jereme.

So…the real question is…what else are we forgetting? And what else do I need to prepare for mentally. And seriously, let’s hope I don’t die from diet coke withdrawal if we run out. 😉 Only kidding.

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Timley ShetlonJanuary 31, 2014 - 3:58 pm

Ha I so know what you mean about Diet Coke withdraw, I am so addicted. I would be more worried about the caffine withdraw, the headaches are not fun. Maybe ween yourself to caffine free now, then atleast its only the taste of the soda you have to withdraw from. When are you all planning to leave on your new life aboard? I to plan to do the same but still have a senior in high school starting college next year so I will have a few more years to wait. No plans to cruise to 3rd world countries though, not brave enough. Mainly coastal cruising and hops over to the Bahamas. Maybe I will grow some sea legs and take it further after that, for now in my future plans that will do! Good luck, I look forward to following you in your travels! Fair winds and following seas!!

LAHOWINDJanuary 31, 2014 - 4:11 pm

Hi Timley!! It’s definitely a combo taste + caffeine issue for me too! I’m not looking forward to those withdrawal headaches. :( So we are planning to cut our dock lines in the next few weeks. We are just wrapping up a few final projects and then we’ll be headed to the Keys first, then over to the Bahamas, and down through the Caribbean. Good luck on your plans too! -Kim

S/V Wild CardJanuary 31, 2014 - 9:46 pm

We currently live in Ohio and are setting out to start a similar adventure on our boat (currently in St. John) on April 4th. I feel you on this list! One thing to consider…SOLAR SHOWER! Not sure your set up but we have an old boat with no shower so we either have to stand in the cock pit or on the deck to shower. We started putting a solar shower out in the morning with a few gallons of water in it and always have warm water to shower with before heading to bed. You can find somewhere to hang it or just take turns holding it for each other (that is what we do). As you know, it is the little things that matter in this life style and this has been an awesome find for us!

LAHOWINDFebruary 1, 2014 - 4:49 am

Hey guys! Total small world. I love it. We actually just bought 2 solar showers (like literally yesterday purchased on amazon). I’m starting to feel like it’s glorified camping, lol. Anyways, we are super excited to follow you guys and hopefully we can meet up in the coming months. -Kim

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