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Anchors Aweigh!

We’ve all heard the phrase “anchors aweigh,” but do you really know what it even means?

If you’re like me, and not really much of a nautical expert, you might not totally know! So I did a quick google check before this post to make sure I accurately explained the saying. Oh and by the way, it seems the terms anchors “aweigh” and anchors “away” are used synonymously nowadays, so that makes me feel a little better.

To “weigh anchor” is to bring it aboard a vessel in preparation for departure. The phrase “anchors aweigh” is a report that the anchor is clear of the sea bottom and, therefore, the ship is officially underway.

Although we’re not technically departing here (but will be leaving very soon!), we did need to bring aboard and assemble our awesome new (45lb.) Mantus anchor. So we did just that this weekend. (PS – Assembly was a breeze. Probably the second easiest boat project, next to installing traction to our companionway stairs, lol.)

In our opinion, Mantus Anchors is the best anchor company around! Over the last decade, tests performed by Cruising World, Practical Sailor, Sail and PMY magazines proved that new-generation type boat anchors outperform the traditional designs. Mantus anchors are designed to set in very hard or grassy bottoms. No other boat anchor on the market can set as rapidly, reliably, and securely.

Hello, ^^all features^^ of which we are a fan.  So, we are super thrilled to partner with Mantus on this journey of ours.

What’s also nice about the Mantus anchor is that it breaks down for easy storage, so you can store one or two as spares without taking up much needed boat space (and hence the need to assemble our new anchor mentioned above).

^^a little grease, some washers/nuts/bolts, and we’re in business.^^

^^isn’t she pretty?^^

In addition to the anchor, we also have the Mantus Bridle/Snubber System aboard s/v LAHO.

Now we just need to inventory our existing chain and purchase new chain as well and we can mark this off the project list.

So close to officially leaving, I can taste it! 😉

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JackieFebruary 12, 2014 - 2:09 pm

Have you seen any of their videos online? Pretty impressive. We’ll be ordering one this spring to replace the CQR that came with the boat. Great quality AND price…what’s not to love? 😉

LAHOWINDFebruary 12, 2014 - 5:41 pm

Totally impressive! We are so thrilled to have one of their anchors aboard!!! :) -Kim

Russell & LynneFebruary 12, 2014 - 7:17 pm

We have six anchors on board and you know what??? We sure are envious of your Manta! Probably the single most important investment for a cruising boat is a bad ass anchor. Makes sleeping much easier.

LAHOWINDFebruary 13, 2014 - 6:10 pm

Wow, 6 anchors! That’s way more than us, but we’re pretty excited about our Mantus anchor too! -Kim

Jesse K on s/v SmittyFebruary 14, 2014 - 3:41 pm

Nice! I am a full convert to the new generation anchors. Went with the Manson Supreme ourselves but I don’t think some of those details matter as much. Once you are in the new gen anchors the rest just comes down to minor differences and what fits in your bow roller best, IMHO. The Mantus wasn’t really popular when we bought ours or else I might have gone for it instead. We have the 35 lb one on our boat and have had two boats rafted with only 4 to 1 scope and still didn’t drag.

When other sailors look at your anchor and say it looks too big is how you know you are a cruiser 😉

We currently have 3 anchors: the Manson Supreme as primary, a 35 lb Danforth as backup and we just bought a 40 lb collapsible fishermans. We will probably sell the 35 lb Danforth and get a 15 lb Danforth (fits in an area designed to hold a backup in our bow locker and a better size for our boat) and a 5 lb Fortress to have as a stern anchor.

What’s your thoughts on rhode? Are you guys going all chain for your primary? We currently have 30 feet of chain then 250 of 3 strand nylon. The more I read the more I think we need to be at least 100feet of chain. The problem we have is our windlass doesn’t have a chain gypsey so we are hand hauling what ever chain we put on.

I really like the mantus snubber system too.

Fair winds,


LAHOWINDFebruary 21, 2014 - 3:43 am

Hi Jesse, We have a large Danforth Anchor with 30 feet of chain and probably 100 feet of rode as back up back up. Then we have a 35lb. Danforth Plow Anchor with 30 feet of chain and 150 feet of 3 braid nylon. This will be our backup but it’s still mounted on the bowsprit. And of course our primary is going to be our new 45lb. Mantus Anchor. We decided to go with 150 feet of 5/16 inch HT G4 chain and 150 feet of 3 braid nylon rope rode. We probably would have gone with all chain if not for cost and space so we compromised. You may be able to get a new gypsy for your windlass that can handle both chain and rope. Yes, we also have the Mantus Bridle system which will work great for hooking onto a mooring painter line or snubbing the anchor.

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