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Let’s hope we catch some fish!

…Since we have all this great new fishing loot! 😉

Let me back up just a hair.

You see, Jereme and I LOVE to fish! What’s not to love really? Spending the day in the warm sunshine, relaxing on a boat, dropping a line in the water, and waiting for a bite? It’s even better when you actually get a bite and hook something on that line!

For a few years (pre-sailboat), we had a cute little 13-foot Boston Whaler that was perfect to take out in the backwaters of Naples. And we loved using the Boston Whaler to fish. We never had any “top secret fishing holes,” or GPS coordinates, or really knew exactly what the heck we were trying to catch. We just enjoyed the fun of it. Sometimes we would catch a mackerel or tiny snapper, and lots of other times we wouldn’t catch anything. But nonetheless, we still love it!

Once we start cruising, we most definitely want to try and increase our “fish catching” record. Preferrably, with tasty edible fish varieties. And none of the ciguatera ones.

So, a few weeks back, we met up with my cousin Robb and his wife Dante at Bass Pro Shops in Fort Myers for a fun little fishing gear shopping spree! (Robb had already given us his recommendations awhile back for the best rods and reels for our boat/cruise. So we had purchased those and have them patiently waiting in the wings. The combos we purchased were a Penn reel and a Star rod for trolling and bottom fishing – which can be used for large fish; and a Shimano rod and reel for lighter inshore type fishing.)

See, my cousin Robb is quite the avid fisherman (that whole side of the family is really)! Robb is also the owner/founder of young boats, the very best custom built fishing boats for the professional angler. Let’s just say, Robb knows his stuff when it comes to fishing. Lucky us!

^^how gorgeous are his boats? the young 24^^

Since Robb and his wife Dante were in town for the Fort Myers Boat Show, we arranged a quick trip to Bass Pro Shops with them so they could help us pick out everything we would need aboard s/v LAHO in order to hopefully catch a ton of fish while cruising the Bahamas and Caribbean.

Two hours and $350 later, we had an ample supply of lures, hooks, tackle, etc. With lots of insightful info and great tips on which type of gear to use for which type of fishing/location.

Here’s a quick rundown of our new gear (the accouterments if you will)…

  • Hooks (lots of em!)
  • Swivels
  • Weights
  • Leader line (both metal and mono filament)
  • Sabiki rigs (for catching bait fish)
  • Neutralizer club
  • Fake shrimp
  • Deep running hard plastic lure for trolling
  • Filleting knife
  • Filleting gloves
  • Pliers
  • Trolling baits
  • Cobia specific lures
  • Bottom fishing specific lures
  • Pelagic fishing specific lures
  • Spoons
  • Jigs
  • Hook remover
  • And probably a few things I can’t remember right now.

Man, if we don’t catch something with all this awesome new loot, then we have a serious problem. I for one am planning on enjoying some tasty fish dinners in our very near future, so let’s hope we can get the job done.

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