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Cheers! Shatterproof Wine Glasses for the Boat!

“When life gives you lemons, sell them to buy wine.”  “When in doubt, drink more wine.”  “Wine is win with an ‘e’ on the end!”  


Okay, okay. You get the where this post is headed. 😉

And, funny enough, Jereme and I are honestly bigger beer drinkers, but we’ve recently taken a liking to wine spritzers as ridiculous as that sounds. You know, your finest $4 Trader Joe’s Green Fin White Table Wine (btw it’s amazing — thank you Aubri for introducing me way back when) mixed with a little Sprite or some other delicious fizzy beverage? I’m pretty sure it’s this “retired life” of ours that’s getting the best of us, lol.:)

Plus, who says wine glasses can’t serve double duty and also hold margaritas?  Am I right or am I right?!

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Bahamas-LAHOWIND-Govino-Shatterproof-Wine-Glasses-for-Sailboat-eIMG_9602 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Bahamas-LAHOWIND-Govino-Shatterproof-Wine-Glasses-for-Sailboat-eIMG_9561

Back in August, ya’ll might remember >>this fun little shin-dig<< we threw on our boat with our friends Heather+Jesse and Denise+Ryan. It was our very first sailboat dinner party! And super fun, I might add.

Well, leave it to our fabulous friends to give us the most perfect accoutrement for the boat…a must-have reallyshatterproof wine glasses by Govino!  And customized with our boat’s name “LAHO!” So perfect, right???


Immediately after that weekend, I told Jereme I just HAD to do a blog post about these awesome glasses. Every cruiser, or boater for that matter, needs a set. So, I had these grand plans to snap some nice photos of our new wine glasses in action and then write a great blog post about these new additions to the boat, but it took me a mere six months to do so. Lol! Better late than never!

But not surprisingly, Commuter Cruiser, had long ago beaten me to it. Because they’re just that awesome and always have all the good info.:)


^^Side note… Guess who got their acrylics removed this week (after what feels like a lifetime)? Feels pretty awesome, even though my natural nails are tissue paper thin.^^


Anyhow, >>here’s where you can order these awesome plastic (but nicer) shatterproof glasses, CUSTOM IMPRINTED!<<

And I should add a little disclaimer…they are NOT dishwasher safe! But hey, we don’t care because we don’t have a dishwasher on our sailboat!

Thank you Heather + Jesse! You better come visit us somewhere fun in the Caribbean. You know, so we can use the glasses. 😉

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Skelton CrewMarch 6, 2014 - 1:52 pm

If you like spritzers you’d really really like a raspberry soaked vodka (with lots of sugar of course) spritzer. One of my all time faves. Plus, you can get tipsy from just eating the raspberries! Definitely planning on taking some with us when we leave…like gallons of it! :) ~Jackie

LAHOWINDMarch 6, 2014 - 9:06 pm

Sounds amazing Jackie!!! I definitely need to try that sometime. :) -Kim

Kelley - Sailing ChanceMarch 7, 2014 - 3:46 pm

We have those glasses on our boat and use them for everything. So much more practical!

Jessica - MJ SailingMarch 7, 2014 - 11:37 pm

Make sure to set two glasses aside for us so we can all have sundowners together!

LAHOWINDMarch 8, 2014 - 3:54 am

Consider it done Jessica! 😉 We are headed your way soon! Just working on getting these panels hooked up, along with our inverter/batteries. -Kim

OliviaMarch 12, 2014 - 10:47 pm

LOVE this post! I have been looking for shatterproof glasses, and you can customize? MAJOR plus. Love it!@Jackie, what a great idea. Raspberry soaked vodka spritzer, yum! Sounds like a party to me 😉 Thanks for sharing, Cheers! ⚓ Olivia

LAHOWINDMarch 13, 2014 - 12:32 am

Thanks Olivia! The glasses are awesome! Like Kelley said, we’ll probably end up using them all the time. :) -Kim

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