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Hopefully our *last* boat project list update!

I seriously hope this is the last time we give an “update” on the status of our never-ending boat projects. Because, GUESS WHAT???  They are finally ending!

Almost. 😉


^^this guy has successfully completed nearly 60 boat projects! insane.^^

(Side note: If you are reading this post on a mobile device, you might not see all the colored hyperlinks below — for some reason the formatting is not carrying over on mobiles right now. bizarre.)

You might recall >>our original list all the way back in June<< just a month after we had sailed the boat down from St. Pete. Boy, we have come a long long way since that original list.

Then, there was our first update in October, to when we *really* starting making progress just this January, and our most recent update in early February, here.

There were projects we crossed off the list and then they somehow got added back on for a “redo/fix.” Gotta love when that happens. Not! And quite a few “pop-up” projects we added on as well.  Our original list contained about 40 items, but somehow our January update had made its way to over 60! Geez louise!

There were some super stinky projects, a few dirty projects, lots of difficult + time-consuming projects, and even a few crazy simple projects. But we tackled them all!  And learned lots of new skills along the way. Like how to maintain our diesel engine and how to re-bed chainplates (boy, do we love butyl tape!).

We did a pretty good job of estimating the cost of each project (although several ended up costing a bit more $ than expected, while a few actually came in cheaper as well).  We did an average job in estimating the time it would take to complete each item.  Who knew installing all new port lights would take 3+ weeks?

And after all of these crazy projects, we still cannot decently fold either of our sails. Sad, but true.


^^we need to wrap up these projects so we can do a helluva lot more of this.^^


^^and see a lot more of this…just preferably in the BAHAMAS!^^

Well, it has been a TON of hard work, lots and lots of research and self-teaching, but we have *finally* whittled down the list to basically only 4 remaining projects…

  1. Replace (the other) spreader light. *already replaced one and just need to get back up the mast, which might just be happening as we speak.
  2. Replace our wind vane. *just need to get back up the mast on this one too, and like I said — might be happening right now!
  3. Replace topping lift sheaves. *finally found where we could order legit sheaves for our specific brand of boom. They have been ordered and this should be a very very simple fix.
  4. Install battery bank, solar panels, charge controller, and inverter. *in process. and not fun at all. ugh.

#4 on ^^that list^^ is a doozy!!! We would gladly pay someone to do this for us, but we just can’t find anyone with the expertise AND a willingness to do so here locally in Southwest Florida. (If you know the perfect person to help, let us know.) So, like almost everything else, we are doing it ourselves.

Through all of this insane amount of work and boat prep, Jereme has persevered. I still do not have a clue as to how the heck he manages to figure everything out. And ALWAYS takes his time and makes sure each project is done correctly. For that, I am so very grateful.

So now, our current “to-do list” mostly consists of prep-type items we need to complete before actually setting sail for the long term. We are in the process of selling one of our Jeeps (lots of interest from our Craigslist post and a pending sale happening today also! yay!); updating cell phone service plans for international calling; provisioning the boat with adequate food/supplies; planning our first few stops in the Keys and western Bahamas; and getting ready to get this show on the road!

We are so super close, I can hardly believe it!:) I keep saying “1 week,” but this time we might actually mean it.

Bahamas, here we come!!!

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JackieMarch 10, 2014 - 2:02 pm

So stinking exciting! Way to knock out that project list too!

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