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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

Tuesday tell-tales are going to be super fast and a little scatterbrained because a.) it’s after hours at the wifi room so I’m stuck sitting outside and b.) i have no battery left on my computer and can’t plug in because the room is closed. :((  Oopsie!
Sailing-Blog-LAHOWIND-cruising-Caribbean-Bahamas-Marathon-Boot-Key-Harbor-eIMG_0937 So, right now ^^this^^ is life. And we LOVE it!

Don’t get me wrong…we have definitely experienced our fair share of ups AND downs. Hello, missing dinghy anyone? 😉

But for the most part the “highs” far outweigh the low’s and we are certainly loving life.  Oliver included (we have a fun little “oliver update” in the works).

As expected, normal, routine, everyday tasks take significantly more time to accomplish than one might think. We have been getting up at 9am every morning (I can almost hear the sounds of disgust coming from our “working” blog readers who are waking up significantly earlier than us, lol! If it makes you feel any better, we used to get up by 6am M-F).

But it’s 9am for us here in Boot Key Harbor because we certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on the daily Cruisers’ Net (channel 68 on the VHF) for those of you who know what I’m talking about.  For those of you who don’t, every morning the folks here in the harbor put on a morning “talk/news show” for lack of a better description.  They give tons of updates on things happening in the area, the weather, events, etc. etc. and then open up the channel for buy/sell/giveaway, requests for help, trivia, etc. We, of course, listen to the net each morning, which takes about 30 to 45 minutes, and have taken advantage of the vast audience of experienced sailors by putting out our own requests for help. 

After “Cruisers Net” first thing in the morning, we take the Oliver to shore to go potty, throw out our trash, maybe hit the wifi room or take showers, and by the time we return to the boat it’s about 11 or 12. If we have to walk to West Marine or somewhere else, it could be even later. In other words, what used to take a whole 15 minutes now takes an hour or two. Pretty crazy, huh?!

We feel super duper slow in every single mundane task we accomplish.

But luckily yesterday, we got our crab pot issues pretty much sorted out. Yay!!! And and we will be installing our new wind vane thing-a-ma-jig tomorrow.  So we should be just about ready to go for a Friday/Saturday crossing to Bimini. Fingers crossed.

We are hoping to leave with about 15 other boats here in Boot Key Harbor and head to Rodriguez Key on Friday and cross from there. We will still need to provision the boat a little more before we head out since we haven’t hit a grocery store or market since we left Naples. That’ll probably take an entire day at our slow speed of getting things done, lol.

Yikes, my battery is at 5% and dying fast, so time to wrap this up and go pour myself a sundowner…ya know, for awesome sunsets like these…


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Paige MooreApril 1, 2014 - 9:58 am

Its 5:52am as I drink my coffee and get ready for another “adventure filled” day at the office. Sorry you’re missing it. Hahaha!