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Buh-bye bimini!

It was fun while it lasted, but we are definitely ready to take advantage of today’s good looking weather window.  So, we are headed east! To the Berry Islands! After a solid 7 days in Bimini, we cannot wait to see more of the gorgeous Bahamas!!!

We will be sailing across the Great Bahama Banks and anchoring out for one night, and then sailing the rest of the way on Tuesday. We’re not sure exactly where we will enter the Berry’s until we see how the weather is acting, how the sailing is going, if we feel like we need to hit up a marina or just find another good anchorage, etc. etc.

In the meantime, here are a few more photos from the tail end of our awesome week-long stay in Bimini…

How amazing are the sunsets over our little anchorage?


There definitely doesn’t appear to be a shortage of conch around here. ;)) We haven’t tried fresh conch salad just yet, but did grab some conch fritters the other day!


^^see what I mean?! piles and piles of old conch shells just litter the island.^^

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Bahamas-Bimini-LAHOWIND-Caribbean-Couple-Dog-Sailboat-eIMG_1671 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Bahamas-Bimini-LAHOWIND-Caribbean-Couple-Dog-Sailboat-eIMG_1668

We picked up lunch on Saturday from this great roadside bbq joint… although we somehow keep missing out on everyone’s bbq ribs. They go like hotcakes around here! Luckily, we did not miss out on the coconut rolls from Charlie’s bakery (basically just some guy’s home bakery — I literally stood in his living room while Charlie’s wife packaged up my fresh-from-the-oven coconut rolls. And man were they awesome!!!)

And you can’t beat a view like this while enjoying lunch, can you?


We strolled around Baileytown over the weekend and, you know, just stumbled upon a few pet goats. ;))


Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Bahamas-Bimini-LAHOWIND-Caribbean-Couple-Dog-Sailboat-eIMG_1675 And we were lucky enough to have some great company here in Bimini…our friends Matt + Jessica from MJ Sailing!


^^how adorable are they?!^^

And if island life wasn’t good enough by itself, we managed to throw on some “fancy” clothes and partake in a little casino action at Resorts World Bimini. I surprised myself by flat ironing my hair for the first time since we left Naples, actually wearing makeup, and throwing on something other than dry fit clothing!


Let’s just say “casino night” was basically a quick 2-minute dinghy ride to lose a few hundred dollars and down about four too many free margaritas. ;))  It was also a great night to fall out of the dinghy and submerge an iPhone. Not a good night for Jer.

  Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Bahamas-Bimini-LAHOWIND-Caribbean-Couple-Dog-Sailboat-eIMG_1786 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Bahamas-Bimini-LAHOWIND-Caribbean-Couple-Dog-Sailboat-eIMG_1781


We had such a fabulous time in Bimini! I can’t wait to see what the rest of the Bahamas have to offer!


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Aunt BrenApril 14, 2014 - 7:00 pm

I see Uncle Mikey’s teachings have served you well….you don’t need his 3 card poker help anymore….you are all grown up now. LOL!

BarbieApril 14, 2014 - 7:46 pm

These pictures are fabulous.

AnnApril 15, 2014 - 7:35 pm

Hey Kim thanks so much for all the great info about import requirements for our four legged friends. I have a dachshund Daisy and hope to bring her along on our travels to the caribbean and beyond. You didn’t mention anything about the customs check in at Bimini with Oliver. I seriously stress over which islands will let Daisy in. She doesn’t like to be left on the boat alone!

Enjoy! and please keep the info coming,

Ann and Daisy in Canada

Mark RoopeApril 16, 2014 - 8:42 am

For the last four years we have been liveaboards and cruising around the med. It is a wonderful places to cruise and a living breathing history. Having said that I see your photographs and know that one day soon we will make the crossing and be there.
Thank you for the blogs and the photographs..
The trouble is with this world that there are so many wonderful places to see and go and we can never fit them all in..

LAHOWINDApril 16, 2014 - 9:37 pm

Hi Ann! You’re totally right…I completely forgot to mention how customs went. I am planning to do a whole post about our crossing, but haven’t had a chance just yet. In Bimini, they didn’t even ask about pets, and it was not on any of the forms we filled out. However, Jereme went ahead and provided that info to customs/immigration when he checked in for us and provided a copy of our Bahamian dog permit to get stamped. That way we won’t have to worry about Oliver on any of the islands here. There were no questions asked and no issues with the permit we received back in January-ish. Hope that helps! -Kim

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