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Our cozy sailboat home.

Welcome to our humble abode! :)))

This is home. Sailing vessel LAHO. Pronounced la-hoe, like ta-hoe. She’s a 1982 37-foot Endeavour B Plan sailboat. And we couldn’t love her more!!!!!!!! Our boat really has just about everything we could want or need (minus a watermaker…and washing machine if I’m really dreaming big). And we are loving life traveling on our floating home from island to island in the Caribbean.


Sooooooo…^^this^^ is where we live. Is it what you expected?  I’m so curious what people envision when they picture how we live on our boat.

You can pretty much see the entire interior of our boat in this one photo, lol. But I couldn’t possibly post just one measly photo. ;)) And speaking of photos, these were all taken on my little >>Canon G12 digital camera<< because the camera/lens is more accomodating to shooting in such tight quarters.

Back to our home…

Don’t get me wrong…there are definitely things we don’t always love SO much or wish we had aboard our sailing vessel, but she’s perfectly cozy and just right for us. At least for now. You can read all about her technical specs >>here<< but this post is really out the inside of our home!  You know, the fun stuff! ;))

Early on in planning this crazy dream of ours, I told Jereme that a major deal breaker for me would be to live on a boat that wasn’t comfortable or didn’t feel like a home. Call me crazy, but I definitely do not want to live anywhere for a year or two that doesn’t feel good. It might be my crazy creative side, but I need our home to feel like a home…to be clean, cozy, organized, and somewhat pretty. And creative. And colorful. My list is sorta long I guess. Lol. And Jereme, being the super smart guy he is, had no problem with me decorating the boat exactly how I wanted…as long as I kept things functional (such the engineer…function over form, always.) ;))

After leaving our rather comfortable three-bedroom, two-bath home in Naples, Florida and moving aboard our 37-foot sailboat back in March, we didn’t waste any time getting acquainted with “life aboard” and simply cut the docklines and took off for our adventure through the Caribbean. We literally finished up our >>massive project list<< and moved aboard in all of 2 days.

Once we left Naples, we stopped first in the Keys, and then headed straight over to the Bahamas, where we sailed from Bimini, to the Berry Islands, and through the Exumas. We’re headed to the Turks + Caicos, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico next, and then down through the eastern Caribbean!!!

We’ve been living on our sailboat for about two months now and have really adjusted quite well. Although, I will say it took us a few weeks to get situated and to really truly find a place for everything on the boat. When we first left the dock in Naples, we had water jugs lining the floor in the main cabin, a huge cardboard box full of liqour bottles, a quarter berth packed to the brim with cases of beer. You get the picture.

But now, it’s home!!!

Here’s the best floor plan drawing I could find online of the Endeavour 37 to give you a lay of the land…


In the main cabin (think living room) there is a pullout settee (couch) on the starboard side and a regular settee on the port side. There’s storage behind and under both settees that we are currently using for tools, canned goods, and dry pantry-type goods.


^^the larger of the two settees (couches) and also a pullout.^^

There is also a full-size foldout table that folds down and expands outward. Our 100-gallon water tank sits under the floorboards right where the throw rugs are in the main living area.

We’ve never actually used either the microwave or television in the photo above. They came with the boat, and we haven’t ditched em just yet…but maybe one day we will decide to use them or give them away, who knows?


^^oliver loves living here!^^

I really wanted our boat to feel like home and us, so I decorated it like I would our house on land. Unfortunately, I did not get a say in the cushion fabric since it’s what came already on the boat (and we weren’t about to fork up the moola to change it up). I made sure to bring my favorite Organic Bloom frames with photos of our adorable nieces and nephews, along with my favorite wood carved mirror, a cute patina anchor decoration my sister gave us, and some fun pillows I picked up before we left town.


…And I might actually have a minor pillow problem, seeing as I just counted and we actually have 17 pillows on our tiny boat. Not all decorative or anything, but still 17. Is that too many??? ;))


^^view from the master bedroom looking back. our perkins diesel engine is located under the companionway stairs with access by removing the stairs (in two parts) or from one of our cockpit lockers.^^

On to the kitchen!


^^everything has a place here. the square cutout on the counter is the ice chest (but dry storage for us).^^

Our u-shaped galley (kitchen) has a gimbaled (meaning it swings with the rocking of the boat so it stays balanced) propane oven and 3-burner stove. We use this bad boy at least two to three times a day! And it works awesome! The oven is much smaller than a typical household oven, so I primarily use a non-stick 8×8″ brownie pan and a tiny baking sheet that surprisingly fits perfectly in the oven (I randomly found it at Walgreens for $5 the day before we left — and thank god I did because no where else I looked sold teeny tiny baking sheets!).


^^did you spot our awesome dishwasher?! Jk! Just seeing if you’re paying attention. I’m the dishwasher on this boat.^^

We have a novacool fridge that is much like a typical dorm fridge. We replaced our old norcold fridge just before we left Naples. The freezer isn’t the biggest, but it’s definitely cold enough to freeze a tray or two of ice cubes (hallelujah!) along with a decent stock of frozen chicken/beef/fish. We also have a large ice chest (with access from the top of the counter) that we use as dry storage (think tons of pastas, rice, etc.).

The v-berth, or master bedroom if you will, is pretty tiny. The bed is literally shaped like a “v” since it fits right into the shape of the boat. We sleep with our heads at the wider part of the bed, feet in the narrower part of the “v.” There are two lockers in the v-berth that Jer and I share as our clothes closets (turns out that’s where he was hiding the engagement ring this whole time!). There’s also a good amount of storage under the bed, but that’s also where our holding tank resides so we keep things like cases of engine oil and rags down there.


^^nothing too exciting to see here.^^

We also have one head (bathroom) forward to port (front left of the boat), with access from the v-berth and the main cabin.

Here’s a little confession…although we can, we’ve never actually showered in the head before. Surprised? We pretty much only use our >>solar showers<< and take outdoor showers, with the exception of the few nights we were at a marina and were able to use their facilities.

There’s also a quarter berth (basically a tiny little second bedroom) that serves double duty as our nav station.


^^the doorway into our quarter berth.^^


^^view looking in to the quarter berth. It’s usually crammed full of beer, paper towels, toilet paper, and cockpit cushions, but we were checking our battery bank today and I snapped a “clean” photo.^^

If we aren’t below deck, you can usually find us lounging in the cockpit. The oversized cockpit on the Endeavour 37 is one of the features I simply LOVE on this boat. It’s huge! All the other fun specs on our boat can be found on >>our boat page.<<

Hope you enjoyed the tour!


>>Thanks for visiting LAHOWIND sailing blog! We’d love for you to get to know us and follow our story as we attempt to navigate a whole new world of sailing, as we cruise the Bahamas + Caribbean.

Jennifer - Luna SeaMay 29, 2014 - 12:38 pm

Love the tour! I’ve seen a couple of other Endeavors, and they’re certainly on my list of favorites.

I’ve officially been banned from buying anymore pillows. We’ll see how long that ban lasts…

Thanks for sharing the inside of your floaty home!

VelyndaMay 29, 2014 - 1:07 pm

I have been following your blog, (and living vicariously), for some time, and absolutely love your gorgeous photography. We hope to be liveaboards within the next two years and love hearing your stories. Your boat is adorable and I love the way it is decorated but I do have a question…how do you keep everything from flying around while underway? I’d be afraid everything would be shattered to pieces. On another note, I’d like to comment on what a small world the sailing/cruising world is. We live and sail in Maine, and met Kim and Scott of the s/v Anthyllide here a couple of years ago. I can’t wait to hear more tales and see more pics. Thank you for sharing! P.S. Congratulations on your engagement! Velynda, s/v Loon

BrookeMay 29, 2014 - 2:28 pm

This was my favorite blog post so far (aside from the pigs)! Love getting a tour of the boat!!

Couch SailorsMay 29, 2014 - 6:54 pm

This is a great post! I’ve definitely looked towards your blog for some inspiration on decorating our new home (cough cough boat). What camera are you using? The photos are all SO clear!


DeborahMay 31, 2014 - 12:32 pm

Love,l love, love the tour! Your home is beautiful and so cheerful, the perfect platform for making some wonderful memories.

Deborah (sv Wrightaway)

LAHOWINDJune 1, 2014 - 4:03 am

Hi Velynda! Thanks so much! Surprisingly none of the “decor” really flies around believe it or not. It’s always the random stuff like loose chartbooks or stuff left out unknowingly that starts flying. 😉 I do stow the picture frames behind cushions and of course stow my laptop and camera equipment. Everything else is pretty tucked in place and won’t move. The pillows never move an inch…although they would be the least of my worries. -Kim

BeccaJune 1, 2014 - 5:27 pm

Ahem?! Engagement!!? CONGRATS! Either I missed a post or a story should be forthcoming 😉 The hubbs and I live in Wisconsin (engineer and marketer) and dream of getting out there! Ya’ll sound eerily like us :) Just need to finish my bloody MBA. Sailing lessons this summer. Looooove your blog!!!

Skelton CrewJune 4, 2014 - 4:49 pm

Where the heck did you get that v-berth bed set??? I LOVE it!! The boat looks great :)

LAHOWINDJune 5, 2014 - 11:58 pm

Hi Jackie!!! So it’s just a regular bedding set from Homegoods. Not one shaped for a v-berth or anything. I <3 Homegoods! 😉 -Kim

Nancy GouldJune 6, 2014 - 11:45 am

Hi Jerome, Kim and Oliver,
First of all congratulations on you ingagement…, how romantic.
I am the next door neighbor of Dodie and Craig Pajer and Dodie sent me your blog. I really enjoyed seeing all the photos and reading about your wonderful adventure. When I was younger I was dating a guy that had a sail boat and we would take off every weekend and sail to the a Keys or up to Captiva…of course we couldn’t go far in just a weekend as we both had to be back to work on Monday morning. But I just loved it…we had a grill on the back of the boat and he would grill fresh fish….oh, it was just wonderful.
When we were out in the gulf and just sailing away from land, I would go topless…oh the freedom of that.. Just sailing along with no noise and looking up at the sails. Can’t get any better than that.
I really envy you two and wish you all the best. I wish I would have done just what you are doing. You will always have these memories and the photos of your wonderful life….and to have your little Oliver with you is just so special.
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy,

AlixJuly 1, 2014 - 2:53 pm

Really enjoyed your blog! If any one is looking to do the same as this awesome threesome, my parents are selling their boat:


Lara SpragueJuly 3, 2014 - 12:00 am

I’m not sure what I was envisioning but the boat tour blew my mind. Yeah, Cole or I may be moving into something like this soon. Even if it’s on someone’s front yard here in Albuquerque haha. It’s so nice!!! You’ve done such a great job decorating. I love it!

NatalieOctober 7, 2014 - 3:05 pm

I would love to see how you organize and store all of your clothes. It seems like you have a lot!!

LAHOWINDOctober 15, 2014 - 11:36 pm

I will have to think about snapping some photos Natalie. It’s a tight squeeze for sure. 😉 -Kim

PatOctober 22, 2014 - 10:20 pm

Hi guys!

I love y’all’s blog! I have thought about starting one myself about our adventure of going from a 1981 Hunter 33 sailboat to a live-aboard that will allow us to live “off the grid” for a month or more at a time; and downsizing from a 3,700 sq.ft. home to a 450 sq.ft live-aboard.

My boyfriend (BF) and I live in the Tampa Bay area and today we are beyond excited!!! Maybe even a little nervous! For the past several months, we’ve been searching the internet and flying up on down the East coast looking for what we consider the perfect live-aboard. TODAY we signed a contract to purchase a 2012 Beneteau Oceanis 46!!! We found her while visiting the the Annapolis Boat show two weeks ago. My BF knew she was the “one” the minute we stepped on her but it took me a little longer; I even flew back to Annapolis this past weekend to make sure I could live with our decision. Our next step in this huge purchase is the sea trail and survey in Annapolis. If all goes well, we should have our new gypsy water wagon in the Tampa Bay area by the end of November and begin living on it full-time by mid January.

I am so excited to start the new chapter of our lives on a sailboat full-time and I look forward to reading more about your adventures! Maybe we will run into one another as we make our way through the islands.

Happy sailing!

DannyOctober 24, 2014 - 5:59 pm

Wow! I absolutely love your sailing blog!

Sitting here in my cube, totally trying to live vicariously through your stories and pictures.

Its def been my life long dream to pick up and island hop around the Caribbean. Figured it would have t be a pre-retirement thing.

Very good and sobering to learn of the challenges and chores it takes to make it work.

More vids please! Very interested in native culture and night life. Lol

WendyDecember 19, 2014 - 7:36 pm

I have just stumbled across your blog and thank you for posting these pics! We have an old wooden boat which is very dark below and at 27 ft on the waterline, limited spacewise. I love the colours you have used and will be ‘lifting’ some of your ideas shamelessly if thats ok?! 17 pillows – #justgettingstarted.

Holly SchwartzDecember 28, 2014 - 1:28 pm

Just purchased our dream sailboat. I have lots of questions and would love to have some correspondence. Thanks

SusanJanuary 13, 2015 - 9:51 pm

Piggy-backing on Natalie’s post re: clothes, I would like to know what you’ve found you need for clothes sailing where you do. If you’ve already answered the question somewhere, just point me in the right direction. We will be casting off soon and I’m trying to figure out how what/how much to bring. P.S., we will be cruising on your bigger-sister ship, the E40, so any insight will be appreciated :-)

SueJanuary 19, 2016 - 5:00 pm

Again with the clothes. My BF has an Endeavor 32 that he has lived aboard and raced. We are planning a trip to the South Pacific from Daytona. I have done weekends on the boat but a big trip is new to me. (We’ll do a shakedown to the Bahamas first.) What DO you take for clothes? Also, what resources could you recommend for me to learn how to cook something that isn’t pasta or rice on a passage? Would love whatever tips you can think of…love your blog!

LolaFebruary 6, 2016 - 8:17 pm

What kind of shower do you have. Is it a separately or with the sink?