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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the…roses baby mangroves. Or whatever. ;))


^^this was actually right before he gave the tiny tree a big lick because why not.^^

Oliver knows what’s up! This is what our little adventure is all about..taking the time now, while we can, to enjoy life.

And life has been pretty freaking awesome lately! I have one very important birthday+engagement recap to post SOON on the blog!!! For those of you who don’t >>follow us on Facebook<< (and you should!!!), we got ENGAGED on my birthday last week! :)))))))))) Talk about one awesome birthday! Our time in Cape Santa Maria, Long Island was truly truly amazing.

But back to Oliver for one second.

Can I please tell you that he has been thoroughly loving life as a bonafide boat dog. He has really come a long way with his swimming abilities (perhaps as a result of his *multiple* dinghy falls). And he no longer needs convincing from Jer or I to stroll into the water chest deep…he does so on his own! By far, his favorite part of cruising is his regular beach potty breaks + playtime. He goes nuts running up and down the beach. It’s so stinking cute! Except when we forget what time it is and take him to shore just after sunset when there are always 45 million mosquitos ready and waiting to attack. That part’s not so fun I guess. ;))

I’m actually working on a fun little Oliver update + video! coming soon (I hope).

In other news, can someone please tell me why every time Jer and I snorkel, we are quickly greeted by the resident shark/barracuda? It’s inevitable. In Conception Island, it was a much too friendly 8-foot black tip shark that had us scrambling into the dinghy, and a day or two before in Calabash Bay, it was a hefty 4-foot barracuda that chased me back to the dink too! Ask Jereme about the latter incident…it was a pretty hilarious and way less than graceful dinghy entrance on my part where I may or may not have lost a swimsuit top trying to climb in. ;)) Seriously, whats up with all our snorkeling friends?

So, we’re now in Rum Cay after spending two nights in Conception Island. Both spots were so so gorgeous, just as expected. Although once this post hits the blog, we might be on our merry way to the Crooked Islands.

We’ll see where the wind takes us…



FrancoisJune 10, 2014 - 8:44 pm

Hi there, your blog is an absolute inspiration – im def thinking of working towards getting a boat! Is it uncouth to request perhaps a short trip log with dates / places and experiences, wd be really interesting to see a basic trip/route plan :) Safe traveling and God bless :)