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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

(Luperón, Dominican Republic)

We’re still here.

…In case you were wondering.

But we’ll be leaving for Salinas, Puerto Rico very very soon. Basically, as soon as a decent weather window presents itself. This is the longest we’ve spent anywhere so far and we are kinda sorta ready for a change of scenery, although I’m dreading the Mona Passage that everyone says is such a doozie.


The past few days here in the DR have been awesome! …Minus all the excitement of several boats dragging through the freaking harbor lately. It feels like it’s just been one after the next after the next. Ugh.

Jereme thought I was totally crazy because every few hours, I would pop out in the cockpit and say “looks like another boat is dragging.” And, okay fine, usually they weren’t actually dragging, but a few times I was right on the money!

Two days ago, two boats broke loose from their mooring (they were on the same one) and drug all the way over to the far end of the harbor where we are. Luckily, our friends Chloe + Stefan just happened to be dinghying by as the random boats were flying through the anchorage and hopped on the drifting boats and quickly dropped anchor before the rafted pair rammed into any of the other unsuspecting boats nearby.

If that wasn’t enough action for one week, the very next day our immediate sailboat neighbor drug anchor into the mud. This time, we were dinghying back to our own boat after a day out in Luperón and I noticed our usual close neighbor was now super far behind us and pretty much out of the water and up on the mud. :((( We put out a call on the VHF to try and find the owner (who we had seen for about 2 seconds in all of the past 2 weeks), but from what we can tell no one is ‘regularly’ living on that boat. We didn’t get a response from anyone in the harbor, but eventually the owner must’ve shown up to rescue his boat because it was out of the mud and moved back into its usual spot by the time we got home yesterday evening.

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Dominican Republic-Luperon-Harbor-Anchor-Dragging-LAHOWIND-eIMG_8801

^^it looks worse than it probably really was seeing as it was low tide when I snapped this photo. At least he was just stuck in the mud.^^

PS – ^^that dude’s^^ bottom growth was out of control. you would not want me to post a close up. dis-gus-ting.

On a brighter note, yesterday, we drove all the way to Puerto Plata to pack in a little more sight-seeing fun while we’re still in the DR. We squeezed in quite a few outings while in ‘the big city,’ but more on that later. ;))

Our 4th of July was lovely too!

We kept it low key most of the day just taking care of a few items on our to-do list…like a bath for Oliver and a new propane tank for the bbq grill, among other things. I baked up a batch of sugar cookies and we headed over to our friends on >>Sea-Rah<< (same folks that rescued the other dragging boat) for an awesome homemade pizza dinner and game night! We have such a blast with those two, it will be sad to leave them when we head on to Puerto Rico.



Here’s to hoping the rest of the week is filled with good passage weather and no more dragging boats!

Happy Tuesday!

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Jennifer - Luna SeaJuly 8, 2014 - 12:34 pm

How do you manage to be cute and appropriately accessorized when on the boat? I clearly need to re-evaluate my packing skills.

Love the post – and am currently planning to add a trip to the falls (video from previous post) when we hit the Dom Rep for our December vacation!

As always, thanks for sharing! ☼

LAHOWINDJuly 8, 2014 - 3:14 pm

Lol Jennifer! It is not often that I put on real clothes/jewelry, but when I do I definitely snap a photo or two. 😉 Since we were headed over to a friend’s boat, I thought it’d be nice to shower. haha. -Kim