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Fancy new port light covers.

(Luperón, Dominican Republic)

I’ve always loved that our boat has so many port lights (12 to be exact) and that those windows let in so much natural light. But after living in the tropical heat for some time now, Jer and I have begun to despise those abundant windows and the fact that our boat heats up to no avail (and can be awfully bright in the mornings — you know when we are trying to sleep in late).

So while we’ve been in the DR, we set out to remedy that.

That’s right. We got ourselves some awesome new stretchy fabric covers for our port lights!


For months, we’ve been painstakingly placing my very nice set of Anthropologie dish towels over most of our port lights to shade the boat from the intense Caribbean sun. We were beginning to get a little sick of staring at dish towels all day, so we thought we better find a real solution.

And since we’ve been in the DR for longer than anywhere else why not make a visit to the town tailor and sail repairman?

With a limited selection of fabrics to choose from and some hilarious hand gesturing and horrible spanglish to explain what we were seeking, we were finally able to get the project rolling.

And a few days later, we had a full set of nicely stitched fabric port light covers! At 2500 pesos, they were a little more expensive than we anticipated, but we sucked it up knowing that anywhere else we would have had these made, they would have been at least double the price. Probably more.

No more hanging towels over our windows! And I’m sure we’ll sleep even later than normal now with these bad boys in action. :)))

Now we just need hatch covers!