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Tuesday Tell-Tales.


Guess what day it is??? Yup, Tuesday! But not just any old Tuesday, it’s Tuesday the 12th. And that means today I am leaving on a jet plane. A Jetblue plane that is. Headed to Florida!!!!! For a week or two to visit family!

Can you tell I’m a little excited? ;))


I am so insanely psyched it is not even funny. And although I’m totally trying to play it super cool, in my head I am secretly freaking out and very strategically outlining every place I must visit while home. Scary, but true. You know, there’s the very important nail salon, Trader Joe’s, Pei Wei, Chipotle, Target. The list goes on and on. I’ll probably need to make a quick pit stop at Anthropologie and maybe even Lululemon too. Why not, right? And am I remembering correctly that August is the month Starbuck’s brings back the pumpkin spice latte??????? If that is true (and I really hope it is), I might seriously overdose on Starbuck’s while in Florida.

I’m not joking.

Yeah yeah, I know we’ve only been gone less than five months, but five months is a long time on a boat.

Oh and I’m also equally psyched about actually seeing my family and friends, and staying at my parents’ and sisters’  homes, all of which are equipped with glorious fridge ice makers, regular flush toilets, real beds, and private showers. Life’s little luxuries. ;))

Poor (but not really) Jereme will be staying in Puerto Rico and keeping Oliver company while I do the tour-o-Florida and make a visit to both of my sisters (I’ve been dying to see all of my cutie nieces and nephews) and then my parents, and finally head to Naples for a few photo sessions while I’m home. I’m basically making a big huge loop around the state since all of my family is located strategically around the coast. But don’t worry about Jer…I’ll be back before he even has time to miss me, and besides, he’s got a little fun of his own in store later this month!

On another note, have I mentioned that my iPhone totally crapped out the other day as we were gearing up for Tropical Storm Bertha? Perfect timing. Not! Just what you want, no working cell phone when a storm is headed your way and you have to leave the dock to go hunker down out in the open water. So instead of having no cell phone aboard, Jereme and I booked it to AT&T at the Mayaguez Mall in Puerto Rico to get me a replacement the night before the storm was to hit. And since I’m not due for a new phone until December, that replacement ended up being a cheapy Nokia phone. This girl is sure as hell not paying $750 for a new iPhone. Not even in sneaky installments (like AT&T tries to get you to do).

And speaking of my new Nokia phone, can someone please explain to me why the VSCO app is not available on it? I’m dying over here. Is there anything comparable for quick editing of phone pics for instagram on a Windows based phone?

That’s it for me this Tuesday. See ya on the flip side!

In F-L-O-R-I-D-A!!!!!!!!!!

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BreezyAugust 13, 2014 - 2:51 pm

Try the Aviary app. It’s no VSCO but should get you by. You’ll probably want to buy a filter pack, because the default ones aren’t great. I had to use an android phone during a similar iphone fiasco – such a bummer!

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