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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

(Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico & Florida)


Missing ^^these two furballs^^ like crazy! We’ve all been together pretty much 24/7 for the past 5 months and now we’ve been apart for a solid week. I know, one week…whoopty doo. But whatev, I miss them. And they better freaking miss me too. ;)) 

PS – that’s an oldie photo, but I love it so much so I used it again. 

And luckily, so far we haven’t had any sneaky storms pop up in the tropics while I’ve been away. I hate talking about what is or isn’t brewing out in the tropics because I tend to think it jinxes us, but seriously let’s hope things continue as quietly as they have been. My fingers are certainly crossed.

I’ve been having a blast in Florida making the rounds to see all my family. I just got to my parents’ house yesterday and my mom has an awesome large-scale paper map of the Caribbean sprawled out on their dining room table where she circles everywhere we’ve been on our journey so far. How cute is that?!? Now I’m thinking Jer and I might need our own little paper map to document our journey…hmmm.

Side note, I must be more acclimated to the warmer tropical temps on the boat than I thought because I’ve needed layers upon layers of blankets at every house I’ve slept at so far on this trip. It’s funny how you adjust so quickly to a warmer/non-air conditioned environment. I seriously needed 4 blankets at my one sister’s house. Just saying. :))

And have I mentioned how awesome it’s been to be able to actually wear my shiny new engagement ring while I’m here? It’s still so super sparkly and new since it’s basically been tucked away in a safe spot on the boat. I’ve been too chicken to wear it much at all while sailing or near massive bodies of water (minus one or two little outings) so it sure it nice to finally have a chance to bust out that ring and show my family! The consensus is that Jereme definitely did a stellar job picking out my ring all on his own. And I would have to agree!!!

After I leave my folks, I’ll be headed down to Naples in the next day or two where I have quite the lineup of photo sessions to tackle when I get there! I am so so so excited to get behind the camera lens for my awesome clients and see all their beautiful families!

Oh and I still have a few must-hit spots on my list while I’m here, but I’m hoping I’ll have plenty of time to squeeze a few of those in while down in Naples. Trader Joe’s and I have a big date planned for later this week. ;))

And that’s it. Hope everyone’s having a great week. Happy Tuesday!

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