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Horseback Riding in Rincón.

(Rincón, Puerto Rico)

We traded our sails for saddles one gorgeous day in Puerto Rico, and headed up to the beautiful surf town of Rincón to go horseback riding on the beach! And holy moly am I glad we decided to fit in this little Puerto Rican equine excursion while we are docked here on the west side of the island.

After a little research, we found the perfect stable in Rincón offering two-hour rides along beautiful surf beaches, through lush tropical trails, and past Rincón’s famous lighthouse. Pintos-R-Us came super highly recommended on TripAdvisor, and now we know why! For $60 per person for the two-hour ride, it was well worth it! We were joined by a few other families for the morning ride along some of Rincon’s most gorgeous beaches. And all of the horses along for the ride were super calm, easygoing, and friendly. It was really a wonderful experience all around!

Oh and I guess Jer and I really had no idea what a “pinto” was until we finally asked Julie the owner of the stable. Turns out, a pinto horse is one that has a coat color that consists of large patches of white and brown. Let’s not even talk about how we thought “pinto” was spanish for “horse.” And thought we were super smart referring to the horses as pintos all day. Lol!

So I guess this is basically going to be just another massive photo dump type of post since, really, what all is there to say about horseback riding on the beach? Other than how freaking AWESOME it is!!! I’m talking total bucket-list-fulfilled type of day! When are we ever going to have the opportunity to ride beautiful horses on the beach in Puerto Rico again?! Right???

I will say though that taking photos while trotting down bumpy trails will definitely NOT be my new speciality anytime soon. Sheesh! That was much harder than I expected, but I still think we managed to capture a few great shots!

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1120 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1186 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1184 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1227 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-ecollage1 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1637 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1643 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1268 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1386 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-ecollage4 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1384 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1403 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1470 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1356 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-ecollage5 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1648 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Horseback-Riding-on-the-Beach-LAHOWIND-Horses-eIMG_1662

Total random side note. I want approximately 40 of ^^these^^ royal poincianas planted in our yard back home ASAP. They are SO gorgeous that if someone built me a treehouse in one of these, I could probably live there full-time. ;))

After we finished horseback riding that morning, we drove around Rincón to see the rest of the town. I can see why so many people had such wonderful things to say about the area. It is GORGEOUS!!! We ended up grabbing a bite to eat for lunch at Tamboo, an awesome little boutique hotel + restaurant right on the beach.

Pretty much one helluva awesome day. We are loving our time in Puerto Rico!!!

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Tamboo-Beach-LAHOWIND-eIMG_1744 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Tamboo-Beach-LAHOWIND-eIMG_1783 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Rincon-Tamboo-Beach-LAHOWIND-eIMG_1714

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Skelton CrewAugust 21, 2014 - 1:46 pm

Haha, I love that you thought ‘pinto’ was spanish for horse!! Too funny! Looks like a great day, I’m adding it to my list of things to do :) ~Jackie

Lyn LovellAugust 22, 2014 - 7:07 am

Hi there. Your photos are always amazing. Which of your cameras did you use for these photos. The colour and sharpness is incredible. I still look forward to opening my inbox and seeing one of your posts sitting there ready to enjoy. Cheers Lyn from Australia.

Lynn L.August 24, 2014 - 8:34 pm

Your photos are always so beautiful. I love the sharpness and color…they are striking photographs! I would really enjoy learning a few of your tips for post processing, especially the sharpening tool. Loving all your adventures!!

LAHOWINDAugust 28, 2014 - 4:19 pm

Thanks so much Lynn! I am working on a few posts for my Photo Friday series that cover post-processing nuts and bolts. Thanks for following along! :) -Kim

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