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While the cat’s away…

(Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico)

The mice will…paddle board, fish, grill, clean stovetops, and fix toilets. Wait, that’s not the saying, is it? ;))

Jereme’s rotation of activities while I jetted off to Florida for two weeks definitely ran the gamut. Which isn’t too shocking considering he was car-less with mostly only boat-related activities to choose from while docked in our small town of Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo.


I wasn’t all too surprised to hear of Jer’s daily paddle-boarding excursions around the bay. With Oliver in tow, of course. And a hilarious story about Oliver falling off the board, but being quickly scooped right back up and on the SUP without any issue whatsoever. It was a super smart move on Jer’s part to make Oliver wear his doggie lifejacket since it is much much easier to retrieve an overboard dog who’s wearing the jacket with the easy grab-n-go style handle on the top.

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He also spent one great day fishing off the coast of Puerto Rico, past Desecheo Island, with some new friends from our marina here in Puerto Rico. They kindly invited Jer to join them on their marlin fishing day out. Unfortunately, no marlin were caught and weather took a turn for the worse after making the haul out to sea, but they did manage to catch one awesome king mackerel…making the day a success in my opinion!

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Cabo-Rojo-Life-Aboard-Kim-on-Vacation-Cats-Away-Jereme-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Sailboat-Life-eimage_6 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-Puerto-Rico-Cabo-Rojo-Life-Aboard-Kim-on-Vacation-Cats-Away-Jereme-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Sailboat-Life-eimage_7

The guys filleted up the mackerel and Jer enjoyed a day or two’s worth of fresh fish dinners — prepared and grilled all by himself! Quite the chef, wouldn’t you agree?! :))

At one point, Jer must’ve gotten so bored by himself on the boat that he spent a few hours scraping, degreasing, cleaning, and polishing our stainless steel galley stovetop. I mean, seriously??? Where did I find this guy? He’s a keeper for sure. And I was more than thrilled to come home to a sparkling stovetop (which I had definitely neglected for the past few months).


And then there was the not-so-fun toilet jam. Clog. Whatever you want to call it. I’ll say though, toilet-fixing wasn’t probably that high up on Jer’s wish list of activities, as I’m sure you can imagine. Luckily for me, the toilet decided to break while I was gone. And, of course, Jereme fixed it…while I was gone! I’ll leave out all the gory details, but let’s just say there was a massive t.p. clog in one of the outgoing hoses/pipes. It required a wall removal, pipe disassembly, and clog unjamming. And now the toilet is running like new! Yippee!


Seriously, so glad I didn’t have to help with ^^that^^ project. Lol.

I’m pretty positive there were a few other boat projects thrown in the mix for fun — like cleaning the hull, continuing to work on our teak, oh…and retrieving our dinghy plug that *someone* (not me) accidentally dropped overboard. And yes, Jereme somehow managed to retrieve the teeny tiny dinghy plug by using a huge fishing net duck taped to a boat hook in 10+ feet of murky water. I still cannot believe he found it. Insane.

Aside from the fun above, there was also a very labor intensive nacho-platter-for-1 preparation that I’ve since learned took about 2 hours of prep time (including spilling a pepper mill’s worth of pepper balls all over the boat). Jer mentioned that he will probably not be partaking in this activity again anytime soon. ;)) He spent most of his remaining evenings dining at the awesome tapas restaurant right here at our marina.

After lots of quality boys time while I was away visiting family and shooting a few photo sessions back in Naples, Jereme somehow couldn’t find the time to squeeze in a load of laundry. How convenient. He had a huge pile of dirty laundry waiting for me when I returned from Florida. Some things never change. Lol.

Now it’s Jer’s turn to enjoy a little vacation from our sailing vacation. Tough life, I know. But since we are still not totally sure if Oliver is allowed to fly on a plane with us (he’s SO darn close to the max weight) and we weren’t quite up for taking the chance this time around, I decided to stay put in Puerto Rico while Jer jets off to Vegas to meet up with some family for a few fun-filled days at the Bellagio. Lucky guy. Let’s hope he brings home some casino winnings while he’s at it. ;))

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