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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

I’ve been spending the past few days taking care of these two. Yes, two. Oliver AND the boat. Lol. All by myself. And we’ve had quite an exciting and extra long weekend without Jereme around since Thursday. He’s been in Vegas btw — in case you missed the memo last week.


^^just realized it kinda looks like Oliver is tied up to the dock lines. don’t worry, he’s not.^^

Things started off on a not-so-fun note pretty much immediately after I dropped Jereme off at the Ponce airport. After returning to the boat at 4:00AM (Jereme needs some serious help in the flight-selecting department) and laying down to go back to sleep, I was abruptly awoken 3 hours later from a very potent and nauseating chemical smell. Like, I-thought-Oliver-and-I-were-going-to-die-from-asphyxiation type of smell. Okay, maybe not *that* bad, but it was pretty intense.

At first, I wasn’t so sure where the heck the smell was originating. I honestly thought hoped maybe it was coming from another boat…but then it kept getting worse. I figured it definitely had to be something inside the boat since the smell was so insanely strong below deck…but again, wrong-a-roni! After scouring every nook and cranny in and around the boat, I finally found the smelly culprit…our dinghy gas tank! Somehow, that darn tank had mysteriously tipped over a tiny bit in one of our cockpit lockers and had started leaking just an itsy bitsy amount of gas. I couldn’t believe the fumes put out from such a small spill. After a quick clean-up and wipe-down (and one discarded oldie goldie wet suit that the gas leaked onto), things were smelling much fresher within just a few minutes. Phew! First problem solved.

Then Oliver decided to get sick.

Really sick. :(((

I’m talking high fever, lethargy, zero appetite, sick. Don’t worry, he’s on the road to recovery now after more than one visit to the Cabo Rojo vet (who I absolutely adore btw) , several blood tests, and a few prescriptions to cure a not-so-nice-tickborne-illness. And yes, Oliver gets a monthly flea and tick preventative. Thank god I still had the rental car from taking Jer to the airport because it was critical that we saw a vet.

I have since spent the past few days keeping a close eye on Mr. Poodlepants himself. The vet told me to basically do whatever it takes to get him to eat (with his multiple strong meds)…so I did. Let me just tell ya, jarred turkey baby food works like a charm! Oliver also likes plain cooked chicken breast. Scrambled eggs. And cheese. When he’s sick. :)) And he is already doing much MUCH better. Thank god.

There was a bunch of stuff mixed in between ^^those^^ fun activities, but now the weekend is one big blur of popping pills down Oliver’s throat and trying not to freak out over the idea of ticks aboard (side note, the boat is sparkling clean now that I’ve gone through it like a psycho crazy person).

Oh and now I have to drive all the way to San Juan today to pick up Jereme from his Vegas vacation. Boy did he pick a stellar weekend to jet off. And once again, let’s not even talk about his airport choice for this leg of his trip. San Juan is pretty much the farthest option on the island. Grrrr! But, there is a bright side to this crappy drive — San Juan has a bevy of Starbucks scattered around the area. I am hoping and praying that my airport route drives me right past one (preferably with a drive-thru) and maybe just maybe they’ll have pumpkin spice in stock. A girl can dream.

Hope everyone had a slightly more fabulous Labor Day weekend.

PamelaSeptember 2, 2014 - 2:38 pm

I hope you feel a sense of accomplishment for keeping your pup and home safe on your own. Glad Oliver is on the mend.

I have a vet question. When you arrive at a new destination, do you try to find the nearest vet just-in-case?

We’ll be starting to cruise next year with our golden retriever and your post has me wondering if I need to be seeking out the names of vets in each location in case of an emergency.

I’m feeling very spoiled by having a great vet just a few blocks from my current home.

BreezySeptember 2, 2014 - 3:19 pm

Poor Oliver! Poor you! We had an issue with our dog’s flea/tick preventer. He didn’t get sick, but it was not fun. Later the vet told us, fleas/ticks are pretty much immune to Frontline (really?!) We switched brands to Advantix, and he’s been great ever since. Maybe not Oliver’s situation, but I thought I’d share, because who knew? Wishing Oliver a speedy recovery and you some PSLs!

LAHOWINDSeptember 3, 2014 - 3:51 am

Thanks for the info Breezy! We recently switched flea/tick meds too. Not sure if that was the issue since they were both prescription style ones from our vet, but in any case, it was not pleasant for poor Oliver. I’m hoping this was a fluke situation and we never have to experience it again. :) -Kim

LAHOWINDSeptember 3, 2014 - 3:54 am

Hi Pamela! If we are driving around a new country/town, I usually make a mental note if I do spot a vet clinic, but I’ve never done any preliminary research before arriving somewhere. In this case, we did notice the local vet’s office a week or two ago on a random trip to the Post Office. Otherwise, I would have asked around here at the marina for a good recommendation. I’ve also relied on just phoning my vet back in Florida a few times so far. They’ve been great at providing advice over the phone and in this case they told me to get Oliver to a vet here asap. So I did. :) -Kim