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Galley Gear!

My Pinterest boards don’t lie…I have a pretty hearty appetite (pun intended) for all things food related. Part of me wishes I would’ve gone to culinary school…or been a farmer. ;)) So being able to enjoy cooking while cruising on this boat of ours is a big deal. And, honestly, I haven’t had too many issues at all adapting to this much smaller kitchen space here on our boat.


Don’t get me wrong, it did take me a little while to figure out how to make the workspace I do have work for us, but now it’s perfect! Everything has it’s special little place in our galley with nothing sucking up prime real estate that we don’t use or need…and it’s really transformed our galley into a very usable, feel-good space for cooking almost all of our meals.


And after five+ months of “living aboard” and cooking approximately 1,945,297 meals (or so it feels) in our teeny tiny galley kitchen…what better time for a little update on the gear we I love and use the most?! Because, let’s face it, I probably couldn’t live without some of these favorite items. And I have a few. So here are some of the items that have found a very welcome home in our galley…

Plastic Mixing Bowl Set with Lids.

We use these for everything! EVERYTHING. They’re our mixing bowls, serving bowls, tupperware storage, potluck transport, etc. etc. etc. I especially love that they are plastic (a must-have on a boat), have rubber-lined bottoms (no sliding around while the boats arockin), and have good, secure lids! And, best of all, they fit in our fridge! Even the big guy of the set! Unfortunately the set I bought, is currently unavailable, but this set looks very very similar and maybe even better because they are collapsible (mine are not)!


Govino Wine Glasses.

Total favorito! I mean, I did an entire blog post dedicated to these glasses. We seriously LOVE them, as does everyone else who comes aboard for a cocktail in one of our customized LAHO glasses.


Nesting Cookware Set.

I have really loved this set of stainless steel cookwareon the boat! The set works wonderfully with our tight space constraints. I will say however, that I rarely use the large 5-quart stock pot. The small (normal size in my opinion) 2-quart sauce pan is my go-to pot for pretty much every.single.meal.

Ice Cube Tray with Lid!

Hi, my name is Kim and I have a serious ice addiction. Combine that with my crazy diet coke addiction and you have a recipe for disaster. That is, when you live on a boat and have the world’s smallest freezer. Luckily, that hasn’t stopped me altogether from making ice. I picked up one of these fab plastic ice cube trays with accompanying lid at Homegoods before we left. And although some cruisers swear by the metal standup ice cube containers, I’m happy to report that this regular style tray (with lid) has been so perfect for our dorm-style fridge. It easily fits in our small freezer compartment (with room for another) and has never once spilled. This tray is the main reason we ended up selling our fancy dancy ice cube maker back in Marathon…it’s takes up about 2% of the space and is much simpler to use.


Mini Non-Stick Baking Sheet.

Baking sheets are essential in any kitchen of course, but on a boat, it’s kinda necessary that they actually *fit* in the stove, if you know what I mean. ;)) And this onedoes! Talk about a gem of a find from Walgreens (of all places) about two days before we set sail from Naples. I’m not sure what the hell I would’ve done without this guy.


Corelle Dishware.

Love that I don’t really have to worry about these guys They are inexpensive and durable. But if we break one, we break one. Who cares! (Although we haven’t. Yet.) Side note, I have a strange issue with needing white dishes. So that’s what we have!


Teak Built-in Shelf Thingamajigs.

On my next boat, I would like an entire kitchen made out of ^^these^^ type of built-ins or whatever the heck they’re called. They just make life easy. And secure. We have a built-in knife holder, a built-in spice rack, a built-in wine glass holder, and built-in wine rack. And by “built-in” I mean it’s secured to the boat and everything has it’s individual spot. Like each wine cup has a hole, each knife has a slot…you get the picture. I am really glad we added a spice rack at the last minute. Although this certainly wasn’t an intentional add-on…but rather a clever cover-up/fix for the hole in the wall that was left after Jereme replaced the instruments on our instrument panel in the cockpit.


Anthropologie Dish Towels.

Jereme and I have had one too many heated debates about dish towels over the years. Lol! Wish I was kidding. He has always hated whenever I brought home a new “cute” towel for the house saying that my “cute towels” don’t actually work and I just like the way they look. And he’s probably right (I hate admitting that) in most cases with my past dish towel purchases. ….But not with this set!!!!!!!!!!! They actually dry/sop-up water AND look cute! Yay for scoring an A+ in both the function and form departments.

So ^^those^^ are just some of my favorites! But if you really want the low-down on literally anything and everything galley related, you should most definitely check out The Boat Galley! Carolyn’s resources are super helpful and hands-down the best around. I may or may not have stalked her blog for a few key purchases before we set sail! :))

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Carolyn - The Boat GalleySeptember 4, 2014 - 3:52 pm

Thanks for the shout out — glad you find The Boat Galley helpful!