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Regatta day.

(Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico)

Well well well, whuddaya know? Looks like it was regatta time here in Puerto Real over the weekend.

Who knew?

We sure didn’t.

That is, until we received a lovely email on Friday from our awesome marina owner…in Spanish of course (I mean, hello we are in Puerto Rico so that’s expected). But luckily, Google kindly translated that thing for us and we quickly learned that the big Regatta (for Puerto Real) was happening that very weekend! Yay! Another fun little activity right here at the marina. First the Puerto Real fish festival, now this!

We, of course, partook in the regatta festivities, starting with *free* (yay!) breakfast served at the marina, followed by the actual sailing races themselves, and then another *free* (double yay!) meal — burgers on the grill! And a few beers in between. It was our lucky day. Lol.

This particular regatta was mostly for teens/tweens from all over Puerto Rico with a few adults participating in one of the divisions. There were four different classes in this particular regatta – Sunfish (2 categories – kids and adults), Optimus, and a Modified category.

Armed with our fun new regatta hats, we sat happily on the edge of the dock with the other regatta spectators and enjoyed watching the different sailing race heats take place right here in the Puerto Real Bay that we’ve called home for the past two months. It was awesome! The perfect way to spend a leisurely Saturday in Puerto Rico.

And, of course, a great opportunity excuse to take a crap-ton of photos…

Hope you had an awesome weekend too!

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