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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

Hey guys. Just a little Tuesday brain dump for ya. This is what we’ve been up to lately.


We cleaned out the boat after a minor tick infestation. More on that and Oliver’s tick-borne illness in a future post, but we didn’t take any chances and called in an exterminator for the “real” chemicals. We haven’t seen another tick since. Phew! And Oliver is still popping pills while on the road to recovery.

And I’ve subsequently done about 1,200 loads of laundry. Fun times.

We Jereme finally unpacked his suitcase…7 days after returning from Las Vegas. ;))

We had an awesome time meeting new faces and seeing the racing action at this weekend’s fun little regatta right here at our marina.

We’ve been putting off new boat projects that have popped up in recent days. Like fixing our dinghy air leak. Although we did make a little headway on that yesterday by finally figuring out that our dinghy is hypalon and not pvc. Only took us about a year and a half to learn that fun fact.

We haven’t had a guava donut in weeks! :(( Kinda disappointing, but we’d like to not gain 100 pounds each by the time we leave Puerto Rico.

We’re working on a fun new GoPro video. Maybe my favorite yet.

We snuck in some actual college-football-watching (yes, on a real TV) at the marina restaurant. We watched the Buckeyes lose to Virginia Tech on Saturday night. I felt kinda sorry for Jereme and his Ohio roots for like 1.2 seconds, and then quickly moved on with life. ;)) Go Gators!!!

We finally caught up with the times and watched Superbad the other night. So SO funny!!!!!!

And we’ve really been loving the Dan Croll Pandora station. Pretty much anything would’ve been a nice departure from my totally random Bob Marley+Today’s Country+O.A.R. Radio+Christmas Radio shuffle station.

We played a few rousing games of rummy! Don’t laugh.

We paddleboarded. Is that the right verb usage?

And we are casually planning our exit from Puerto Real so we can (finally) head south around the coast of Puerto Rico. Seriously, hurricane season will be over before we know it and we’ll be wanting to move on to the Virgin Islands right away! Plus two months at a marina is probably more than our pocketbooks really wanted to handle. But leaving the marina means we are simultaneously ordering any last minute goodies we need. Yay for Amazon Prime.

That’s pretty much life lately. Happy Tuesday!

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