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Hauling Lobbies with Where the Coconuts Grow!

Almost a year ago to the day, we spent one fun afternoon trolling for grouper with our cruising pals Jody + Peter from Where the Coconuts Grow. Somehow, one year feels like a lifetime ago.

Last December, we were both prepping to set sail, each on our own adventure of a lifetime. We were all newbie sailors/cruisers and both still living on the west coast of Florida just trying to figure it all out.

After almost a year of cruising, the timing finally worked out and s/v LAHO and s/v Mary Christine ended up in the same harbor here in St. Thomas, USVI. It was about freaking time. ;))

We all immediately jumped in the dinghy and headed out to check out some nearby reefs and let the boys get down to business. Aka find us some lobster for dinner!

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7647 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7599

Luckily, the Coconuts are super skilled divers/hunters and gave us the lowdown on not only how to use their fancy air line hookah system, but also how to snag some lobbies while diving the rocks around St. Thomas. Peter showed Jereme how to work a hand snare and where to look for lobsters tucked in beneath the rocks. All of which we, of course, were clueless on so it was so so nice of them to show us the ropes.

Side note, thanks also to the Coconuts, Jer found himself slabbing on some serious mustache vasoline to make his mask seal better. It’s a sight to see (and actually works!), so enjoy that little gem of a clip in the video below. ;))

Jody and I were both armed with our handy underwater GoPros to capture it all on film, along with videoing plenty of gorgeous coral and fish we happened to swim around. Honestly, Jer and I hadn’t seen coral this alive and colorful yet on our trip!

Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7641 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7659 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-1 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7550 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-2 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7679 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7756 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7737 Sailing-Blog-Cruising-Caribbean-USVI-St.-Thomas-Lobster-Hunting-Diving-Photos-LAHOWIND-Young-Couple-Boat-Life-eIMG_7792

Peter ended up finding only one huge lady lobster on day one, but unfortunately, she came with a sack full of eggs so we released her back into the wild.

On diving day two, the boys were MUCH more successful! They hauled in five large lobbies. I’m talking big bad lobstah boys! Three of which were bigger than any I’ve ever seen.

With our haul in tow, we made it back to the Coconut’s boat where we cleaned them all up and prepared for a feast of mega lobster proportions! Which was super delish by the way.


Thanks guys for a few fab days of lobster hunting and some delicious dinners! Can’t wait to do it again. :)))

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Jody - Where The Coconuts GrowDecember 19, 2014 - 1:37 am

Great photos and video! We were so glad to finally see you guys again and Peter was stoked to teach Jereme about lobby hunting!! The vaseline application in that video is PRICELESS! :)

BillDecember 20, 2014 - 2:09 pm

Those are some big bugs! Nice!

MerindaDecember 21, 2014 - 1:52 am

I love your pictures! I can’t seem to play the last two videos? The link takes me to Dropbox where I download it but I can’t get it to play.

You have been doing a great job with your photos. It is always a visual treat to read your blog.