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A LAHO Christmas!

This Christmas I got a little lazy. Well, technically not in all respects, just in the camera department.

I had no problem whipping up a batch of homemade butter tarts (Jer’s favorite!), baking up some sausage balls for Christmas morning, and then preparing a dee-lish strip-steak+potatoes-au-gratin+garlic-bread+caesar-salad meal for Christmas dinner.

But photos? Well there were none this year. Oopsie!

I departed from my more traditional Martha Stewart meets Pinterest style ways and kept it super simple and relaxed this Christmas. Let’s just say we ate Christmas dinner in our pajamas. Is that sad or rad? ;)) Don’t worry, we also skyped with all our family, didn’t have to bother wrapping a single present, stalked everyone’s Christmas-y photos on Facebook and, honestly, just enjoyed a super relaxing day. It was the perfect!

We did actually clean ourselves up however to adorn some real clothing the night before on Christmas Eve as we headed over to spend the evening with our cruising pals Where the Coconuts Grow (s/v Mary Christine) and It’s Our Necessity (s/v Necesse). And hence, I was smart enough to rig our little point-and-shoot camera for a family photo opp.

If you haven’t already seen it over on Facebook, here’s our obligatory Christmas photo…


And one sneaky sunset shot that somehow managed to find it’s way on my camera Christmas night…


I mean we were in Christmas Cove, St. Thomas for crying out loud. I think one landscape-y photo is necessary, don’t you?

Hope you had an equally perfect and extra merry Christmas!

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Lee and Kit GravesJanuary 8, 2015 - 3:51 pm

Hi, we love your site. We are about to embark on a 10 year cruising journey in the Caribbean and the East Coast of the US with our two dogs and a cat. We are currently gathering the myriad pet documentations just to enter the different islands. We’d love to have a dialog with you regarding any difficulties you have encountered entering countries with your dog that we should be aware of before we set sail. We are purchasing a Tayana 55 in St. Maarten in April and will fly the dogs and cat with us. Please let me know if we can have contact. Keep the pictures coming…we are drooling, Kit