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Lost at Sea.

(Fish Bay, St. John)

Another day, another plush dog toy nearly lost at sea. This is our life. Lol. And some of the silliest memories I never want to forget.

Oliver does this amazing thing where he just exists and makes our lives better because of it. And that is precisely why we put up with his dropping of dog toys overboard every so often, and usually at the most inopportune times possible. ;))

Mr. Lion was nearly a goner just the other day before we swooped in to save his already-mangled little body.

If you have ever met Oliver in person, whether on our boat, at home in Naples, wherev, you know he has this hilarious personality trait that necessitates his needing to grab and possessively carry a toy for any and all excitement that presents itself. And to a dog, just about anything qualifies as an exciting event. ;)) If he hears a dinghy passing, then he immediately runs and grabs a toy and races up and into the cockpit to show off said toy to that unsuspecting cruiser. If Jer and I come back from being out somewhere, then Oliver is waiting for us at the top rung of the companionway stairs with one of his fav toys in his mouth. Without fail. It’s just his thing. He wants to show you, me, whoever, his toys. Always.

Well, as we were cracking some Foster’s cans at sunset to head out and dinghy around Fish Bay, Oliver was excited by the sheer idea of an afternoon dinghy adventure and decided that was the perfect time to release Mr. Lion (who he happened to be carrying in his mouth) back into the wild (i.e. drop him overboard).

We scrambled with our beers, jumped in the dinghy, and set out to save poor Lion before any untimely deaths occurred. Luckily, our rescue mission was a complete success and, after drying out for a few days in the cockpit, Mr. Lion is now resting comfortably back in the toy bin with his other stuffed animal friends. ;))


^^the start of a regular afternoon.^^


^^just minding our own business as Lion gets swept out to sea.^^


^^attempting to grab him, but it’s too late.^^


^^rescue in action.^^


^^rescue mission complete. kisses for all.^^


^^now we can sit back and relax.^^


^^finally getting a chance to pop open my own beer. sheesh!^^

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JC3January 6, 2015 - 7:03 pm

My favorite post as we can relate to this! You guys are great. JC3

PamelaJanuary 6, 2015 - 9:20 pm

My golden retriever, Honey, also loves to share her toys. But until I read this, I hadn’t thought of the potential problems we’ll be facing when we set sail with her.

I foresee a few stuffy overboard drills in our future.