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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

OH MY GOD. Before I forget can we please talk about Oliver’s little doggie-almost-overboard incident the other day?

Don’t worry, it’s not exactly what you think, but still slightly death defying in it’s own right.


^^the face of somebody who obviously already forgot they almost fell overboard.^^

So we had just pulled into Village Cay Marina in Road Town, Tortola for a two-night stay while we cleaned, provisioned, and waited on family to arrive for a fun-filled week in the BVI’s! Oliver must’ve decided to become an agility champion poodle as soon as the dock lines were cleated because he immediately hopped off the boat (without getting the okay from us) and onto the dock (no prob) only to then “miss” the boat on re-entry.


I’m talking a poodle totally hanging by his claws off the side of the boat. And last I checked, dogs don’t have thumbs, but somehow his little dagger claws were pinned in good enough on our teak toe rail that he didn’t actually fall into the water. I had just conveniently stepped below deck when Jer happened to turn around while filling out some marina paperwork and noticed our little poodlepants hanging by a thread. From what Jer has told me, Oliver literally had his little arms stretched all the way with only paws holding on.

Jer quickly scooped up Oliver before he went for a swim. And luckily Oliver seemed totally fine after all was said and done. And yes, I realize that the marina water isn’t filled with pirañas or anything and Oliver can in fact swim, but who knows if we would’ve even noticed him hitting the water. Ugh. Not good.


^^and what the heck is this look? Lol!^^

On a brighter note, can someone please explain to me why so many senior cruisers enjoy walking around the deck of their boat in the buff? It’s kind of amazing really. ;)) Not! I’ve definitely filled my lifetime quota of old man stranger tushy.

If you can answer ^^that^^ question, then you might also happen to know why the beer cans at Willy T’s taste like they were dipped in iron. Bizarre.


Who wants to read the most hilarious account of a newbie sailor attempting his first overnight passage? And by hilarious, I mean we were totally laughing with Bo, not at him. We’ve all been there (and honestly still are on some days). The radio call to the Coast Guard was simply the best. PS – Bo’s entire blog is a great read…make sure to check it out!

Happy Tuesday!

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BoJanuary 27, 2015 - 2:03 pm

Haha…thanks guys! Look forward to meeting up with y’all this summer…

Happy CamperJanuary 28, 2015 - 5:35 pm

Two words can answer the retired naked cruiser question: old Hippies! Your a bit too young to have participated in this crazy counter-culture movement, but you’re catching glimpses of the fallout! Ask your parents about it. LOL