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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

You know what?

Stomach bugs are no fun.

You know what else?

Stomach bugs times four adults packed on one tiny sailboat with one puke bucket, one small toilet, and no air conditioning are even less fun. ;))


^^I’m sure one of us were puking when this photo was taken. Lol.^^

Yup, you guessed it. While we were busy living it up with Jer’s cousins visiting all the way from Canada would you even believe we all managed to succumb to a pretty awful 24-hour virus (staggered over three days no less)? Ugh! We originally thought it was plain old sea sickness when I was the first to get sick, but apparently, it (norovirus, perhaps? who knows!) is going around the islands down here. And it must be wicked contagious.

Luckily, we’re all better now, but sheesh 24-hours of gross puking was definitely not fun.

The boat has since been totally disinfected and we’re hoping for no repeat performances of last week’s illness now that we’ve welcomed Jer’s sister aboard. Keep your fingers crossed for us. ;))

What else?

So it’s like a full blown charter biz this month on s/v LAHO. First Jer’s cousin, now Jer’s sister, and later this month Jer’s parents. We are soooooooo excited to finally have a few visitors around here. Anyone else wanna come visit, give us a holler! We promise we won’t get you sick. ;))

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