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Turtle Diving Take Two.

Remember our insane swimming with sea turtles experience in the Spanish Virgin Islands back in December? It was so magical, so unbelievable, so perfect that we couldn’t possibly sail to Culebra again without visiting our turtle besties!


And, of course, make another video ya’ll!!!  I know I know, I already made a turtle video here. But that first one was rejected from Vimeo, so I had to stash the file over on dropbox, making it much more difficult to watch and enjoy (for some reason, Vimeo allowed the turtles on their site this second time around). Plus, we just couldn’t leave Jer’s folks out of the video fun, and we had so many fab clips from our most recent turtle encounter.

I’ll tell ya, the cutest, friendliest family of green sea turts lives just off Tamarindo Beach in Culebra, PR.

Most turtles we’ve encountered throughout the Caribbean have been just as breathtaking, but certainly not nearly as tame as those here in Culebra. There’s really something special about these guys. Our frenzied snorkeling and GoPro toting antics didn’t seem to phase them at all. These turtles just continued munching on tasty seagrass without a care in the world as we (mostly just me) swam (over-) excitedly towards them trying to soak in as much turtle time as humanly possible.

Luckily, this time around we got to bring Jer’s parents along to share in the joy as we swam with the turtles!


Jer’s folks were equally as delighted to take part in the turtle viewing festivities and even attempted some up close and personal turtle diving right alongside with us.

These friendly Culebra turtles will definitely go down in our memory banks as one of the best experiences we’ve had on this sailing adventure of ours!


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