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Tuesday Tell-Tales.


A certain cute gray poodlepants is definitely excited to be back living the good ol’ “marina life” here in Puerto Real! Almost as excited as Jer and I were to take “real” showers and do a couple loads of cheap laundry. Lol.

Although Oliver’s thrilled to be back in Puerto Real at his favorite marina, he’s not totally pleased with the fact that we’ve restricted his land access here. We definitely do NOT want a repeat performance of what happened last time so we are taking all necessary precautions. We’re still a little too freaked out to allow him past the dock gate and into the tick-filled jungle that lies beyond and, as such, Oliver’s been having a bit of a hard time adjusting to “going” within the confines of this concrete marina. A day or two longer, and he will be right back in the swing of things!

Anyhoo, Happy St. Patty’s Day guys! How’s everyone celebrating today??? We’ve got nothing crazy planned, and something tells me St. Patrick’s Day isn’t huge in Puerto Rico. Maybe I’m wrong…we shall see!

So we thought we’d be taking off for the Bahamas today, but the weather is kinda funky. We’re getting waves from the north which is a little unusual for this area. They should be coming more from the east so we are going to go ahead and wait a few days longer for something a little more ideal.

Oh oh oh!!! Can I please tell you that everyone’s sweet comments here on the blog and over on Facebook when we posted our little “turnaround” notice made us feel so so great! Seriously. You guys are the best. xxoo

Um, okay so this is weird. Last Friday, buzzfeed published this article about the movie Troop Beverly Hills. You know, just two days after my own Troop Beverly Hills blog rant? Coincidence or not? I wonder. Lol. ;))

Anyways, Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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