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Tuesday Tell-Tales.

Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend! We sure did over at our favorite little Bahamas beach resort…Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas. I decided they not only have the prettiest beach around, but hands-down the tastiest conch fritters too!!! ;)) I know, sometimes it’s the smallest things. But their fritters are basically conch donuts, which I’ll admit sounds a little gross, but ya’ll know how much I love a good donut!

And, side note, I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on all the photos from our three-day stay so I can get a blog post pumped out. That place is pure paradise, I tell ya!!!

What else what else?

So we just arrived back in George Town, Bahamas yesterday afternoon after waving goodbye to Long Island. …One step closer to Florida! (Cheers as well as tears are flying around here lol.)


It was a super easy 27-mile sail (downwind of course) from Calabash Bay and will be another strictly business trip here in G-town this time. In other words, you won’t find us hanging at the Chat-n-Chill, but instead schlepping jerry jugs of (free) water and diesel from the Exuma Markets/gas station through the very wet and choppy anchorage back to our boat. My least favorite boat chore. :((( But, at least this is one of the easier spots to get ‘er done, so there’s that.

Oh, and luckily, I pumped out four loads of FREE laundry while at the resort so we won’t need to schlep our massive laundry bags to shore here. …More bonus points for the Cape. ;))

We made this particular pitstop just to refill our tanks and keep on moving, but are still not sure exactly which route we will opt for as we make our way back through the Bahamas. I mean, with 700 islands and all, I’m sure we can find a few cool spots we missed on our route south. Any suggestions??? Send em our way!

Happy Tuesday!

Jennifer BrickerApril 7, 2015 - 2:06 pm

We were just in Georgetown 2 months ago, visiting friends! Too bad our paths didn’t cross then, it would’ve been great to meet y’all after following your blog for so long. Ah well, another time I guess….{because I’m sure y’all just can’t wait to meet two, total, perfect strangers} :-) haha!

Not a bad place to have a work day! Hope you have a wonderful time there!

Lara SpragueApril 7, 2015 - 9:56 pm

Mmmmm….I can tast the FREE conch fritters right now. So glad you guys were able to make a stop back there:)

Jane SmithApril 8, 2015 - 10:44 pm

Hi Kim & Jer,

I met a guy back in Nov who lives on a sailboat & he piqued my interest in sailing. I started reading about it & through my research I came across your blog. I am a 68 yr old grandmother in Ft. Pierce, Fl & will probably never sail (you never know??) but I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed your blog. And the pictures are fantastic. Oh, those flamingoes!

And then there’s Oliver. He is ADORABLE! He owns that dinghy & seems to be as agile as a cat.

I can imagine “the cheers & tears”. Thanks so much for sharing your journey………Jane