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Life is better in the Bahamas.

This is why we oh so love the Bahamas…


And this.


And this.


You get the picture. Pun intended. ;))

Just culling through a few more photos from our time in the beautiful Bahamas, and I couldn’t not post at least a few of my favorites from the past two weeks! I’ll tell ya, as much as other cruisers/bloggers hype the Virgin Islands, the Bahamas are where it’s at people. In my humble opinion at least.

Pristine beaches. Comfortable anchorages. Friendly people. The list goes on and on.


^^This^^ particular slice of paradise just happens to be right around the corner from Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort where we spent a lovely Easter weekend!

While staying at the resort, we would launch the dinghy every day (multiple times a day) and take Oliver to this secluded stretch of white sand and turn him loose to go crazy, poodle style, on this pretty shoreline. I know I’ve said it before, but Oliver seriously acts like a crazed, rabid animal when we find a nice stick to toss around on a sandy beach or, better yet, he finds a starfish or something equally delightful to sniff! He’s nuts!

I think Oliver is really going to miss his daily beach play time when we return to land life in a few days. (Although, let’s be real, having regular access to land will be pretty awesome for him, and not having to clean a sandy poodle post-beach romp will be just as awesome for us.)

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Molly GruubsApril 17, 2015 - 2:24 am

Your images are gorgeous! Love how blue it is there.