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Our Wedding!

Life has been a bit of a blur lately. House renos, jobs, weddings, babies, you name it. But one day definitely stands out from the rest.

On December 19th, Jer and I tied the knot in the most amazingly perfect, beautiful,  simple ceremony on Barefoot Beach surrounded by 65 of our closest friends and family.


We truly couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. And as we get closer and closer to expecting our first baby (due April 9th!!! we are SO excited!), I’d be a total idiot not to take the time to post a few of our favorite photos from our wedding day! I’m pretty sure life is not going to slow down from here.

And by a “few,” I mean it took everything in me to narrow down 700+ photos to the 100-ish below. Typical. ;)) Here is my “little” photo dump of personal favs… xoxo

KJWed021 KJWed033 KJWed039 KJWed057 KJWed068 KJWed083 KJWed100 KJWed106.1 KJWed108 KJWed131 KJWed154 KJWed155 1 KJWed157 KJWed161 KJWed171 KJWed177 KJWed182 KJWed191 3 5 KJWed194 KJWed208 4 KJWed215 KJWed219.1 KJWed241 KJWed249 KJWed253 KJWed256 KJWed267 KJWed282 KJWed283 KJWed288 KJWed290 KJWed299 KJWed300 KJWed304 KJWed307 KJWed310 KJWed312.1 KJWed313 KJWed315 6 KJWed322 KJWed329 KJWed334 KJWed335 KJWed336 KJWed339 7 KJWed349 KJWed352 KJWed353 8 9 KJWed356 KJWed360 KJWed362 10 KJWed363 KJWed365 KJWed374
KJWed390 KJWed393 KJWed396 KJWed431 KJWed485.1 KJWed489 KJWed504 KJWed524 KJWed531 KJWed532 KJWed534 KJWed538 KJWed539 KJWed541 KJWed546 KJWed548 KJWed551 KJWed553
KJWed570 11 KJWed574 KJWed579 KJWed589 KJWed591 KJWed595 KJWed596 KJWed601 KJWed602 KJWed604 KJWed609.1
KJWed611 KJWed612 KJWed615 KJWed616 KJWed618.1 KJWed622

A huge thank you to our amazing photographers, Concept Photography, for capturing this special moment in our lives. And the rest of our fabulous vendor team…

Ceremony/Reception – The Club at Barefoot Beach
Music – Brandon Shane Reeves
Flowers – Fresh Naples
Hair – Andrea Alikaj
Makeup – Duality Artistry
Officiant – Russ Winn
Cake – Publix

Lara SpragueJanuary 25, 2016 - 12:53 am

Absolutely breathtaking! Congratulations for this last year, and the year to come!😊⛵️🏝🏡🛠💍🎉👶🏻