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5 Months!

FIVE. MONTHS. OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week, we woke up and had a five month old in the house. Unreal.


This past month was a total blur.

I went back to work full-time. Jase started school during the day. And we spent every moment in between soaking up as many snuggles as possible. He is seriously the best little bunny we could have ever dreamt of.

Jereme says it all the time, but Jason is really coming into his little personality. He’s such an easy going, adorable little lovebug. So full of smiles, laughter, and cute expressions. I can’t get enough.

This last month was full of LOTS of new things for us all…here are our updates:

…At our 4-month checkup, Jase weighed 18lbs. and was in the 86th percentile for both height and weight. No shocker there.

…We tried our very first foods!!! Oatmeal cereal was a total bust. Next up, we gave homemade baby food a go and whipped up sweet potatoes in our baby brezza. Sweet potaters were a HUGE hit! We have since fed Jase sweet potatoes a handful of times and he really seems to love them. We gave green beans a whirl last week. Those are definitely a no-go for Jase. Lol. He was like “nope. not happening.” I think we may have a few sweet potato + you-name-the-veggie combo purees in our future. ;)))

…We also started school/daycare this month. Jase is the youngest babe in his infant class of six at The Village School and has adjusted pretty darn well after his first few weeks (although, let’s be real, his naps are the pits while at school and he comes home SUPER exhausted most days).

…We also got our very first cold. Yuck. Probably a result of ^^that^^.

…Jase still has only the two teeth. Although we really thought he was cutting two more on the bottom (I’m sure they will bust through any day now).

…Jase, you are a smiling + laughing machine. (All the ladies at school love that you smile all day long and rarely, if ever, cry.)

…Our cute little bunny LOVES making the craziest faces! He is so full of personality it is just adorable!

…We’ve been to the beach twice this month, and are starting to make that our little weekend tradition. Jason and I really love getting out there early (while we still have it all to our selves) and lounging on the sand for an hour or two.

…We clearly need to invest in a jumparoo because Jase treats our (more stationary) exersaucer likes it’s his personal trampoline. It is the most hilarious thing ever.

…You have become SO aware of the world around you and we can tell how much you are soaking in all the time. It is amazing to watch every day.

…Sleeping through the night is right around the corner for us since Jase is now gracing us with irregular 12-hour stretches during the night. He rocks about 3 out of a 7-day week with the full night sleeps, and the other half, with one feeding throughout the night.

…And, you little baby, want to crawl SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO darn bad. You are so so close…getting up on your knees and rocking that tushy back and forth. I know we are going to have our hands full once you are legit mobile. ;)))

We managed a little impromptu photo shoot this morning at the beach. Here are a few favorites…


“Putting out the vibes…” ;)))

eimg_9590blog eimg_9582blog eimg_9605blog eimg_9552blog

4 Months!

I say it every month, but seriously how is our little bunny already FOUR MONTHS OLD?????????


^^I know, Jason. You’re like “what the what????” I feel the same way little baby. It’s CRAZY.

But in all seriousness, this little love bug. He is so sweet. Always happy. He is the very best part of every day for me. He is just the best.

Somehow, I only managed to bust out the “big camera” one time last month for a little photo sesh with him. Sad, but true. Here are a few favorites on the beautiful afghan my Grandma knitted years ago for future babies she knew I (and my sisters) would have. She made several baby afghans for my sisters and I while we were all still in college. Unfortunately, she passed away my junior year at U.F. and my mom kept these for each of us until we each had our babies. I love that my Grandma had the forethought and took the time to do something so very special for each of us (she made at least 7 of these that I know of), and I know she is watching over us (alongside my Grandad) and loving seeing Jason enjoy the afghan she made! She would have especially LOVED Jason’s red hair! :)))

eIMG_3303blog eIMG_3271blog eIMG_3310blog

Here are the updates on this little guy’s last month…

…starting with the most unexpected…he cut TWO teeth. At just over 3 months, the first started coming through, quickly followed by tooth #2. (Which was insane because he is SO young and doesn’t know how to chew on a teething toy or anything yet! Plain old distraction (from what I’m sure is painful teething) has really been our only remedy.)

…has definitely mastered rolling over. I am bawling my eyes out just thinking about how soon he will be crawling.

…has become super aware and super grabby. Jason looks around when he hears an interesting or loud noise wanting to see exactly what’s going on (and always needs to scope out Oliver’s location when he hears him bark). He also wants to get his hands on EVERYTHING (hair, limbs, toys, you name it).

…is constantly babbling his adorable baby sounds. They are THE BEST.

…lights up when daddy comes home from work. He loves seeing daddy and gets super duper smiley when Jereme walks in the house.

…started using the exersaucer and (I think) he loves it! It’s like watching a really drunk person try to do anything coordinated, but he is definitely getting the hang of it.

…is still rocking naptime with a solid morning and afternoon nap. He’s also moving towards longer nighttime stretches of sleep getting a combined 11 to 12 hours on the regular and only waking for one feeding.

…and is still a rockstar dining partner when Jer and I go out to eat. We’ve never had a single issue and I’d love to keep it that way, but I know we’re already on borrowed time for some kind of public meltdown.

This past month flew by SO insanely fast! I’m excited to see what the next few months bring for us. Here are a few photos from last month…

Jason’s first trip to the beach (Sanibel Island)
All the Shaidle cousins!
eIMG_2527blog eIMG_2557blog
Impromptu photos on the big camera one day after daddy got home from work.
Last weekend with all his cousins on the Young side!


3 Months!

Ohhhhhhhh my gosssssh. How has another month flown by already?

So what’s Jason been up to these past few weeks? Well, he is officially 3 months old, but technically 13 weeks. I have no idea how we have a three-month old. I want to simultaneously smile and bawl my eyes out because he’s growing up way too fast. I feel like he is going to outgrown his car seat tomorrow.


Jason is a dream baby. Really. He is happy 99% of the time and only really cries when he is hungry. Or if I try to stick him in the swing when he’s not feeling it. ;)))

He has changed so much in just the past few weeks, it’s astounding. He’s really growing into his little personality and it shines through every day.

It’s amazing to watch him play. It’s like he does something new every day. Yesterday, he picked up the huge baby pillow he lays on on his play mat and held it over his head. I was like, who is this little muscle man in front of me? I am pretty sure he is going to be mobile in like two seconds. He is already rolling over and maneuvering all over the place. Slow down little baby, slow down.

He’s really just my little lovebug. I swear that he gives kisses already, which is just what we’re calling the thing he does when you bring his face down to yours and he opens his mouth and slobbers all over you.

I can’t get enough.


Three months down and he…

…has so much stinking personality. his crazy little expressions are seriously the best thing ever.

…still loves napping on mama when he gets the chance. And let’s not lie, lately, I’ve been “letting” this happen more and more because I know these moments are fleeting.

…has figured out (but not totally mastered) the art of rolling over, both from tummy to back, and from back to tummy.

…is a smiling machine!!! No official giggles just yet.

…loves playing on aunt Susan’s quilt with his favorite toy mr. whoozit.

…loves chatting with mama + dada. his baby talk mumbo jumbo is out of this world adorable and we both melt into a huge pile of mush every time he chats it up with us.

….is the absolute love of my life.

For some reason, we didn’t get a ton of smiles the few times I busted out the “big camera” this past month, but here are a few faves nonetheless…

eIMG_9492-blog eIMG_0253-blog eIMG_0837-blog eIMG_9512-blog eIMG_0211-blog eIMG_0893-blog eIMG_9518-blog

2 Months!

How have we hit two months already??? Life with this little guy has been everything. Jason has changed so much in the past two months, and we can’t wait to discover more about his adorable personality as he continues to grow.

2-month 2-eIMG_2856b-blog

^^stats from an impromptu doctor’s visit earlier this month. we’ll have to wait for his official 2-month appointment later this month.^^

Jason Leo, at two months you…

…are smiling more and more each day, and we can’t get enough of it.

…especially love the changing pad in the nursery. you literally beam from ear to ear as soon as we lay you down on it.

…would sleep on momma all the time if I let you. ;))

…are a tooting machine. sorry, but you are!

…still love the rock-n-play in momma & dada’s bedroom, but are also beginning to love your crib too!

…love the (modified) mobile on the swing in the living room. and get a little annoyed when it turns off while you are still swinging.

…have sprouted lots of new hair on the front half of your head. your hair is looking gingerlicious, but I kinda think it’s going to change color, possibly blonde.

…love when momma lets you nap on your tummy in the crib during the day and will bust out a three-hour+ nap just about every time.

…are rocking a 5oz. bottle for most feedings!

…and still really love bath time. let’s hope that never changes.

Month numero dos looked like this around here…

2 Months 2

We love you, Jason Leo.

blog-eIMG_2675 blog-eIMG_2558 blog-eIMG_2693 blog-eIMG_2709 blog-eIMG_2712 blog-eIMG_2821 blog-eIMG_2835

1 month!

What did we do before we had this perfect little guy? Jason Leo, you have brought so much joy to our lives in one short month. We have fallen in love with your adorable little face, alert eyes, and sweet disposition. The past month has been nothing short of amazing!


At one month, you…

…weigh 11 lbs. 4 ounces and measure 22 inches long (at your one month check up, technically 5 days post 1-month mark).

…love sleeping in the rock-n-play in our bedroom, but spend lots of quality time in the swing, boppy lounger, & baby wrap.

…have mastered the art of escaping the swaddle although we still attempt it every night.

…are a champion eater! downing about 4 oz. every 3 hours.

…look just like your daddy!

…definitely enjoy being awake some during the day, and take smaller cat naps throughout.

…have flashed us some killer cute smiles, and I can’t wait until you *really* show us those all.the.time!

…look like your eyes are going to be blue, and, that hair, well it is certainly leaning towards red! :)))

…love making cute little cat noises and grumpy old man grunts while you are sleeping and dreaming.

Our very first month with you looked a lot like this…

Month 1 Instagram Collage-BLOG
I’ve mostly been taking advantage of my iPhone when snapping everyday photos of baby Jason (hence all the instagram photos above), but here are a few of my favorite snapshots off the big camera (still editing all our newborn photos taken by Aunt Kristi)…

eIMG_0759BLOG eIMG_0412BLOG eIMG_0457blog eIMG_9465blog eIMG_9575blog