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Paddle-boarding for mahi.

(Puerto Real, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico)

Grilled, blackened, encrusted with my favorite coconut-panko topping, you name it, Mahi has easily become one of our favorites over the past few months of this sailing roller coaster we’ve been on. We filled our freezer to the brim back in the Bahamas after two large-ish mahi catches while trolling a line off the sailboat while en route to a new destination. But, sadly, our fish stock had rather depleted itself by the time we reached Puerto Rico. And with the boat parked in a marina for the duration of hurricane season, let’s be honest, we’ve had zero opportunity to catch our own or even think about replenishing our frozen stash.

Well, luck must be on our side lately because this is the second time in just a week or two that fishermen here in our marina have straight up given us mahi off their boat.

I know, crazy!

We were blown away with the first of this fluke fish giveaway when we just happened to be walking the dock back to our boat late one evening and our buddies a few boats down handed us an entire fish! They must either really like us or feel terribly sorry for us. ;))

This time, Jereme was paddling around the marina/bay one lovely afternoon and floated by another one of our friendly boat neighbors who tossed him another tasty catch of the day!


Crazy awesome! And we sure do love the generosity! This “unconventional” style of fishing has been working out pretty darn well for us, if I do say so myself.

And, hell, who the heck would be dumb enough to turn down a fresh, and might I add totally free, dorado caught that day? Not us. That’s who.

So when I heard Jereme tapping on the hull after returning from his little SUPing rendezvous the other day, I knew something was up. I poked my head out of the companionway to see him standing on the paddle board with a beautiful mahi in hand. And whaddya do when your fiance goes out for a regular old paddle in the bay and comes back with a small mahi? You throw the semi defrosted chicken breasts back in the freezer and grab your camera for an impromptu photo shoot of course!

Hence, the following 14 photos. I narrowed down the selection from the 200+ I snapped. Wish I was joking.

PS – aren’t mahimahi so gorgeous?! That coloring is insane.

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